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Carbon Flight Academy chooses the ALSIM AL250 simulator

05.09.2023 - News

First FAA-certified ALSIM ALSRcompact simulator in the USA

28.07.2023 - News

Cirrus Aviation and ALSIM forge alliance to meet demand in North America, establish new U.S. Facility

25.07.2023 - News

Azerbaijan Airlines selects ALSIM and buys an AL172 flight simulator

13.07.2023 - News

Air4TM in Poland acquires an ALSIM AL250 simulator

04.07.2023 - News

ALSIM and Airline Pilot Club (APC) join forces to enhance flight training experience.

27.06.2023 - News

Two brand-new AL172 Simulators for EuroPilot & SoCal Pilot Center!

22.06.2023 - News

The 100th ALSIM AL250 simulator purchased by Airways Aviation Australia

20.06.2023 - News

L’Aéroclub Air France sélectionne ALSIM et achète un simulateur AL250

09.06.2023 - News

First FAA-certified ALSIM ALSR20 simulator in the USA

01.06.2023 - News