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The Engineering Pack, has been designed to be used with our AL250 flight simulator, is the ideal tool for Universities – it’s a real sandbox, giving them an infinity of configurations.

The Engineering Pack interface is made of 2 main parts:

1. Network interface
Allowing Matlab® to send and receive realtime data from the simulator

2. A user interface inside Matlab
Consists of functions and variables which may be used inside Matlab scripts, or blocks which may be accessed within Simulink®. Each simulation variable inside our software is identified and accessed by a name. Thus, Matlab variables are connected to the simulators by using their names. It is then possible to read and write values directly from the simulation software running on the simulator. This kind of low level interface gives the user the ability to interact with the simulator software and hardware, and to develop any kind of aircraft simulation part (from a system to a complete flight model).

  • Create custom concept instrument display designs for evaluation
  • Create and inject custom errors (i.e. map shift, subtle failures)
  • Extract flight data parameters (airspeed, altitude, heading, power etc.) and export them to external computers for students to observe, log and analyse in real time
  • Modify the flight characteristics of aircraft to demonstrate unusual circumstances (i.e. neutral or negative stability)
  • Integrate pilot monitoring systems, such as eye tracking cameras and physiological monitoring equipment.
  • Generally support research trials easily (i.e. quick scenario generation and control)

A short introduction to the Engineering Pack

Real Time Two Way Communication (read & write): Access to all simulation data, including buttons, equipment conditions, flight controls, breakers, etc.

Adjust Simulation Parameters in Real Time: Possible to play in real time on simulation parameters (aircraft characteristics and systems)

Replace Aircraft Systems: Opportunity to replace aircraft systems by other systems written by clients (eg. implement Electrical flight controls)

Qualified-Ready Simulator: The pre-loaded simulator flight models can be used for qualification purposes at any time.

Access to ALSIM’s SDK (Software Development Kit)

  • Interface between Matlab and simulator to help development in MatLab/Simulink programs that act directly on the simulator
  • Flight data processing
  • Creation of flight scenarios
  • Interface with biometric measuring tools: eye trackers, attention and tiredness measurement, etc.
  • New types of instrument conception

What’s included

  • ALSIM’s SDK allows programmers to write software able to communicate with the device
  • Plugin for Matlab to communicate with the simulator in real time
  • A MatLab flight model sandbox offering endless possibilities



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