ALSIM – Engineering Pack

Engineers Education Support & Advanced Research tool

The Engineering Pack, has been designed to be used with our ALSIM AL250 flight simulator, is the ideal tool for Universities – it’s a real sandbox, giving them an infinity of configurations.

A MATLAB® toolbox providing an interface between MATLAB® and the simulator, enabling access and modification of simulation variables through:

  • MATLAB® Scripts
  • Simulink® diagrams
  • Custom MATLAB® User Interfaces

ALSIM Engineering Pack (E-Pack)
Key Benefits

Real time two way communication (read & write)

Access to all simulation data, including buttons, equipment conditions, flight controls, breakers, etc.

Adjust Simulation Parameters in Real-time

Ability to adjust simulation parameters in real-time (aircraft characteristics derivatives and systems).

Replace Aircraft Systems

Opportunity to replace aircraft systems by other systems written by clients (e.g auto pilot, propulsion).


The pre-loaded simulator flight models can be used for qualification purposes at any time.

Connect External Systems

Combine with external monitoring system through MATLAB® system (e.g. Eye-tracking, VR).


We picked ALSIM because it not only offered a great flight simulator, but also an engineering kit that allows our students to ‘look under the hood.’ ALSIM’s unique Engineering Pack enables us to use the simulator to demonstrate the principles of flight, and further develop our work in research projects and advanced labs.

The simulator will be used to teach flight mechanics and flight controls. By using the Engineering Pack, we can change the aerodynamic derivatives of an aircraft’s configuration and demonstrate in a hands-on way, how this affects the dynamics.

In addition, the students can design their own autopilot and implement it through the Engineering Pack on the simulator. In advanced integrated group projects, students can develop their own aircraft, generate an aerodynamic model for it and fly test it on the simulator.

Dr. Harald Pfifer

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering

The University of Nottingham

What’s included

Dedicated laptop

with possibility to export work files on different computers

Plugin for MATLAB®

to communicate with the simulator in real-time

A MatLab® flight model sandbox

offering endless possibilities

A built-in documentation

access in MatLab®

Getting started

training videos, basic examples, support to get started in no time

A short introduction to the Engineering Pack


It has helped our students, Research scholars and our Industry related projects immensely, thus giving us the edge over the competition. The endless configurations available have facilitated the propulsion of the Aeronautical Department to another sphere.

ALSIM’s unique Engineering pack enables the simulator not only to demonstrate flight mechanics and flight controls but also to change the aerodynamic derivatives of an aircraft configuration and to study how this affects the aircraft dynamics. Further, the engineering pack on the simulator can be utilized for projects involving, design and development of aircraft, where the aerodynamic model of the aircraft can be flight tested in the simulator

Milton Huggins


Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, India



the right combination for universities

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