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to full-Service Contracts

Wherever you are

Take advantage of our support

Our 3 locations: Europe, USA and China enable us to assist you at all time.

We offer a wide range of services that can be mixed and matched to your individual organisation needs.


Master your simulator

  • Maintenance
  • Instructor Operating System (IOS)
  • Certification


Installation, Relocation, Delivery

Our simulators are complex devices and need to be installed by specially trained ALSIM technicians.

  • Installation
  • Relocation


100% Certified devices
with the support of our in-house certification department

100% Certified

Certification is a major step when you acquire a simulator.

Dealing with authorities’ regulations can sometimes be a real challenge for an ATO, especially for smaller organizations. ALSIM has proven and extensive experience in terms of qualification and we can provide you with comprehensive support.

Our dedicated team works closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that your simulator is qualified. ALSIM will provide you with a full range of services to meet your needs and ensure the qualification of your device.

  • Certification Training
  • Qualification Test Guides
  • Qualification Support


Always by your side wherever you are

Our support teams are available to support you

  • IOS Check
  • Techlog ticket service
  • ALSIM Hotline
  • On-site visits
  • Diagnosis and intervention via VPN
  • 1 on-site visit/year (Standard Service Package)

Updates & Upgrades

Innovation is in our DNA

We are constantly improving and updating our devices to include new features

  • Software updates
  • Navigation & Airport Database
  • Operating System
  • Upgrades