Genuine Hardware

Fully featured cockpit Cirrus Perspective+™ Garmin®

Control loading

Active control loading

Instructor Station

Instructor desk & Remote IOS

Visual System

ALSIM VFR-VS Total Immersion 210° x 55° field of view ALSIM High definition visual System


Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) Simulation

100% Certified


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ALSIM ALSR – Tested by Captain Joe

AirVenture 2022: ALSIM ALSR


“The key reasons for this choice of the ALSIM’s ALSR were our location at GA airport, No.1 in Europe, with many premium prospects and growth opportunities, as well as our partnership with Cirrus.”

Roland Otto

Managing Partner

IFR, Germany


The ALSIM ALSR G7 simulator is equipped with the original Perspective Touch+ avionics.

Experience the sensation of sitting in your aircraft with Alsim. Utilizing Cirrus’s original drawings, Alsim has faithfully replicated the G7 flight deck.



“The reliability and the quality of the product as well as the impressive in-house support structure were the key factors for our decision to buy from ALSIM.”

Tony Forbes

CEO / Owner

Cirrus South Africa

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Available Cirrus Aircraft flight models

Cirrus Aircraft SR20

Cirrus Aircraft SR22

Cirrus Aircraft SR22T

Need to train on
multiple flight models?

ALSIM has the ultimate solution:
Every ALSR Series simulator can be ordered with optional equipment and software to switch between configurations within a few minutes.

Testflight at AERO 2022


The ALSIM ALSR cockpit is an exact replica of the Cirrus Aviation SR20 G6 aircraft so that students can familiarize themselves with the aircraft’s specifications.

1Garmin® GDU 1050A®
2Backup Instrument Renderings
3Garmin Perspective+ AL GMA 350C®
4Garmin Perspective+ AL GMC707 AFCS Mode Controller Replica
5Garmin Perspective+ AL GCU 479®
6Control Loading
8Air-conditioning system

1Garmin® GDU 1050A®

2 Garmin® GDU 1050A® with original Garmin Software

2Backup Instrument Renderings

High quality rendering of mechanical instruments, with dimmable display.

3Garmin Perspective+ AL GMA 350C®

All digital Audio Panel Replica

4Garmin Perspective+ AL GMC707 AFCS Mode Controller Replica

The GFC™ 700 Digital Autopilot is an advanced, AHRS-based automatic flight control system.

5Garmin Perspective+ AL GCU 479®

QWERTY Keyboard Replica

6Control Loading

Dual electrical control loading on the three axes.


The seats reflect the adjustments to the Cirrus SR20 aircraft seating, and provide two seats for the pilot and co-pilot.

8Air-conditioning system

System ready to be connected to provide more comfort to the instructor and students.


Discover a unique immersion and flight training experience

Each ALSIM simulator is provided with a VFR-VS image generator entirely designed and produced by ALSIM.


High definition image generator system


Installation dimensions for the ALSIM ALSR

The installation is performed by ALSIM technicians. You and your team will receive the installation requirements questionnaire in advance and will send this back to our team for analysis. This will ensure that all is foreseen and well prepared before the installation.

Recommended Room

Room width
5.20 m 17.00 ft

Room length
5.80 m 19.00 ft

Room height
2.90 m 9.50 ft

Access door dimensions

Door width
1.91 m 6.20 ft

Door height
2.14 m 7.00 ft