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The AL250 benefits from the ALX state-of-the-art technology. Our new simulator travelled a lot  in 2017. Hundreds of people have been able to try it during different events this year: in France, Germany, UK and the US. You will have the opportunity to try it at Singapore Airshow, from 6 to 11 February 2018, Booth #E13. Book your demo now !

Our simulator will also be available during Aviation Careers Conference in Paris, France (Musée du Bourget, near Le Bourget Airport) from 2 to 4 February. 

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  • Single Engine Piston/Multi Engine Piston reconfigurable
  • Compact device
  • For your PPL, CPL & IR/ME training needs

Want more guarantee ? Alsim certifies easily all its simulators, as you can see below:

Download now AL250’s SEP Certificate & MEP Certificate!
Click here to access our client One Air MEP Certificate, click here for One Air SEP Certificate.

Discover the Engineering Pack, a flight simulation sandbox developed to educate future engineers, based on MathWorks®: it has been created to be used with our AL250 device.


"Why we chose the AL250 ? We already had an Alsim simulator and we trust in the company. The AL250 device fully satisfies the training requirements defined in EASA & JAR syllabuses, it's a compact device that fits easily most locations and it's very affordable compared to the high performances it offers."

Capt. Sermed Temizkan, General Manager

Atlantic Flight Academy


Technical Specifications

Visual System

  • Display: high quality compact panoramic visual system
  • Frame rate: 60 images/sec minimum
  • Field of view: 250° x 49°
  • Discover ALSIM new HDVS system: last display techniques used for a better weather rendering & ultra realism

Instructor Station

  • IOS: new map display, positioning/repositioning system, weather condition adjustment, failures menu, position and weather presets
  • Optional: upset recovery
  • Screen: 1 touch screen
  • Optional: 2nd touch screen & wider instructor screen surface
  • Material: 1 adjustable seat & 1 desk

Aircraft Configuration

  • Reconfigurable representative aircraft: SEP, SEP VPRU, MEP
  • Reconfigurable EFIS/analog
  • EFIS backup instrument


  • EASA (FNPT II) & FAA (AATD) compliant
  • TC: FTD Level 2
  • New QTG software

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