Debriefing station

Why ALSIM Debriefing System?

The debriefing station in a flight training device is a dedicated area/system where instructors and trainees can review and analyze the performance of a training session. The debriefing station serves as an ideal addition to any simulator setup.

Debriefing is essential for the learning process in flight simulation training, allowing trainees to receive constructive feedback, identify areas for improvement, and enhance their overall skills. It is also crucial for the ATO for better monitoring and predicting the trainees’ progress and identify possible deviations from the training program.

ALSIM Debriefing Station (DBS) Key Benefits

A unique and effective training method

BFS have recently engaged with Andy O’Shea and his great team in APC to integrate the APC APS MCC practical training Workbook into our training programs. We have found the experience to be extremely positive. We had APC experts working with us on-site and remotely, explaining the Workbook itself, and then demonstrating to our instructor group in workshops, how to maximise the benefit of the training. APC’s APS MCC Workbook will transform our MCC training and help to connect our students to future airline careers.

Rafael Molina


Barcelona Flight School