APS MCC Workbook

The sustainable, unique and effective training experience

ALSIM and Airline Pilot Club (APC) have partnered to bring innovation to the flight training industry, aiming for a more sustainable and efficient experience.

By combining APC’s industry expertise with ALSIM’s advanced flight simulators, they offer a unique and effective APS MCC training experience.


A unique and effective training method

BFS have recently engaged with Andy O’Shea and his great team in APC to integrate the APC APS MCC practical training Workbook into our training programs. We have found the experience to be extremely positive. We had APC experts working with us on-site and remotely, explaining the Workbook itself, and then demonstrating to our instructor group in workshops, how to maximise the benefit of the training. APC’s APS MCC Workbook will transform our MCC training and help to connect our students to future airline careers.

Rafael Molina


Barcelona Flight School

Key innovations

Benefit from this partnership – include access to APC’s comprehensive APS MCC training program on the ALSIM Airliner in different aircraft configurations.

Learners can benefit from:

  • direct consultancy with APC training experts
  • utilizing ALSIM’s cutting-edge technology and simulators
  • and enjoying a flexible simulation environment for various aircraft types

APC practical training beyond the standard APS MCC content

The APC practical training, through its plug-and-play APS MCC Workbook, goes beyond the standard APS MCC content. It includes valuable insights from Andy O’Shea, a key member of the EASA team that developed APS MCC CBTA-based AMCs and GM. The Workbook serves as a shared understanding among ATO management, instructors, and students, covering CRM, TEM, Pilot Competencies, and their assessment. Instructors benefit from instructor run sheets with session content and timings, while ATO management appreciates the increased standardization among the instructor group.

From the instructor’s perspective this is a fantastic tool to use. Not only is the content set out in each carefully constructed session, but an instructor run sheet is provided with content and timings all set out for instructor reference. From an ATO management point of view, the Workbook is a superb tool for increasing standardisation among the ATO instructor group.