Specific & Convertible
Diamond DA40 / DA42

This simulator adds a convertible and type specific Diamond DA40 and DA42-VI with Austro Engine, original Garmin™ G1000® NXi and Garmin™ GFC700™ Digital autopilot to your fleet.

Virtual Visit

Virtually experience the AL42

Explore the Cockpit / Enhance your experience with a VR Headset or VR Cardboard

Advanced & sophisticated training

“We want our student pilots to receive the most advanced training possible. Along with interactive learning aids, virtual reality and neuro training, they will also benefit from the most advanced simulator technology as they prepare for their future career. The AL42 from ALSIM offers sophisticated training capabilities and replicates the aircraft our students fly, making it the obvious choice for our latest acquisition.”

Andy McFarlane


Leading Edge Aviation Ltd., UK


Available certifications for your field of training



TC (FTD 5)



The ALSIM AL42 cockpit is an exact replica of
the DA42 aircraft so that students can familiarize
themselves with the aircraft’s specifications.

1G1000® NXi avionics
2Backup Instrument Renderings
5GFC™ 700 Digital Autopilot
6Pitch trim
7Control Loading
9Air-conditioning system

1G1000® NXi avionics

Real G1000® NXi avionics with fully functional ADC, AHRS, GMA, and database capabilities.

2Backup Instrument Renderings

High quality rendering of mechanical instruments, with dimmable display.


Fully integrated de-ice system with fluid tank management and de-ice effect on aircraft performances.


All breakers can be controlled manually or by the instructor from IOS. Each one is connected to aircraft systems.

5GFC™ 700 Digital Autopilot

Fully integrated with the G1000® glass flight deck, the GFC 700 is an advanced, AHRS-based automatic flight control system.

6Pitch trim

Mechanical pitch trim wheel with servo drive to electronic pitch trim.

7Control Loading

New generation of control loading which provides more remote controls and better maintenance access. Adjustable rudder also available.


The seats reflect the adjustments to the DA42 aircraft seating, and provide two seats for the pilot and co-pilot.

9Air-conditioning system

System ready to be connected to provide more comfort to the instructor and students.

Instructor Station

ALSIM designed its instructor operating system for ease of use and with the instructor’s comfort in mind. A perfect complement to the flight trainer and an indispensable assistant for the instructor.


  • Enclosed instructor station
  • 2 large touch screens
  • Color laser printer
  • Headset
  • Start-up panel
  • Emergency stop buttons (x2)


Discover a unique immersion and flight training experience

Each ALSIM simulator is provided with a VFR-VS image generator entirely designed and produced by ALSIM.

Our visual system offers optimal performance including outstanding accuracy and real time rendering and response. Together, this provides the pilot with a maximum immersion experience


Adaptable to all customers or authority needs

Increased Realism & Customization

  • Jeppesen™ Database
  • Your own 3D detailed airport with your own buildings, aircraft, logos, …
  • Library of 120+ 3D detailed airports available


High definition image generator system


Installation dimensions for the ALSIM AL40/42

The installation is performed by ALSIM technicians. You and your team will receive the installation requirements questionnaire in advance and will send this back to our team for analysis. This will ensure that all is foreseen and well prepared before the installation.

Visual system 

Room width
5.43 m 17.82 ft

Room length
6.68 m 21.92 ft

Room height
2.90 m 9.51 ft

Access door dimensions

Door width
1.91 m 6.27 ft

Door height
2.14 m 7.02 ft

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