alSR Series

a new range of Cirrus Aircraft SR-series training devices

Fits your training
Exact replicas Cirrus Aircraft SR-series
Cirrus Aviation SR20/SR22/SR22T G6 aircraft

The ALSR Series is a new range of Cirrus Aircraft SR-series training devices from ALSIM for your PPL/IR/CPL training, Cirrus Familiarization and Transition training.


The ALSIM ALSR G7 simulator is equipped with the original Perspective Touch+ avionics.

Experience the sensation of sitting in your aircraft with Alsim. Utilizing Cirrus’s original drawings, Alsim has faithfully replicated the G7 flight deck.


Our cooperative sales alliance with ALSIM will allow us to provide flight training devices, along with our SR-series aircraft, as part of an integrated flight training solution for our fleet customers.

David Moser

Cirrus Aircraft’s VP of Fleet and Special Mission Aircraft

Duluth, Minnesota, USA

Captain Joe flies the
ALSIM Cirrus Aircraft simulator

Simulator Benefits
“It’s like flying the real aircraft”

Advantages for your training

Available Cirrus Aircraft flight models

Cirrus Aircraft SR20

Cirrus Aircraft SR22

Cirrus Aircraft SR22T

Need to train on
multiple flight models?

ALSIM has the ultimate solution:
Every ALSR Series simulator can be ordered with optional equipment and software to switch between configurations within a few minutes.