Versatile airline pilot training device. Train a320 and b737 philosophies in a single device.

MCC & APS MCC Next generation simulator,
Jet Transition and Crew Resource Management

ALSIM The Airliner simulator – Tested by Captain Joe


“As an Airbus A330 Type Rating Instructor for TAP Air Portugal with more than 17.000 hours, I consider the ALSIM Airliner as the perfect tool for any ATO to prepare future generation of pilots for the increasingly challenging environment of modern Airlines. It is the best of both worlds, allowing FTOs to provide quality training, in a versatile environment and allowing trainees to be familiar with both Boeing and Airbus automation systems. By tailoring their MCC Syllabus with a fantastic tool like this, FTO will provide future pilots with the required skill sets to give them a clear advantage when applying for their future jobs.”

Captain Luis

TRI A330/340/350

TAP Portugal


Available certifications for your field of training



DGAC, the French Civil Aviation Authority


“… the Airliner, will boost our capacity and capability.
We trust ALSIM products and we recognize them as the top training devices in the market for this purpose. For this reason we believe that the best should work with the best in order to obtain the ultimate results.”

Mr. Dimitris Lymperakis


Egnatia Aviation, Greece

Instructor Station

ALSIM designed its instructor operating system for ease of use and with the instructor’s comfort in mind. A perfect complement to the flight trainer and an indispensable assistant for the instructor.

Designed for Flight Instructors

  • FFS type fully enclosed instructor cabin design
  • 1 flight instructor and 3 observer seats
  • 2 large touch screens on swivel arms for IOS


Discover a unique immersion and flight training experience

Each ALSIM simulator is provided with a VFR-VS image generator entirely designed and produced by ALSIM.

Our visual system offers optimal performance including outstanding accuracy and real time rendering and response. Together, this provides the pilot with a maximum immersion experience


Adaptable to all customers or authority needs

Increased Realism & Customization

  • Jeppesen™ Database
  • Your own 3D detailed airport with your own buildings, aircraft, logos, …
  • Library of 120+ 3D detailed airports available


High definition image generator system


Dimensions for the ALSIM Airliner

The installation is performed by ALSIM technicians. You and your team will receive the installation requirements questionnaire in advance and will send this back to our team for analysis. This will ensure that all is foreseen and well prepared before the installation.


Room width
7.0 m 23.0 ft

Room length
8.0 m 26.4 ft

Room height
4.3 m 14.1 ft

Visual System

Discover an increased realism for a unique flight training experience.

Our visual system provides both pilots with the same image, allowing a seamless cross-cockpit viewing. It creates a highly immersive and realistic environment ensuring a successful MCC and APS MCC training.

Latest technology

  • Mylar mirror
  • 9-foot radius mirror
  • 200°horizontal x 40° vertical field of view

Highest Standards

  • Compliant with the regulations
  • Technology used in Full Flight Simulators

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