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Few tips to organize your travel in France

Click here to locate Alsim Headquarters

Residhome hotel, 15 minutes from our offices (near Nantes city center)
Novotel, 15 minutes from our offices
By airplane
About 5 flights per day from Paris (50 minutes flight)
By train
2 hours travel, many trains every day
Let us know your arrival time so we can arrange your transportation from the airport/train station to your hotel or to our office, in Nantes suburb.
You can also contact our US Sales Office, located in Austin, TX (+1 843 742 2723).

Contact us

66 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
44430 Le Loroux Bottereau
Tel. +33 2 40 03 77 74
Fax. +33 2 51 71 98 06

11801 Domain Blvd, 3rd floor
Austin, TX 78758
Tel. +1 843 742 2723

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Much more than a simulator manufacturer

ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified FNPTII and FNPTII MCC flight simulators since 1994: today, we have more than 260 devices installed worldwide, and more than 160 customers.
Discover our state-of-the-art ALX simulator: with up to 4 classes of aircraft and 10 flight models available in only one device. We also manufacture a specific simulator for the famous Diamond DA42. Our latest device, the AL250 simulator, is compact, SEP/MEP reconfigurable, and brings our latest technology to answer your PPL, CP & IR/ME training needs.
We also provide a comprehensive range of services to help you build your ATO or operate your device.