Alsim is delighted to announce their client, Egnatia Aviation, based in Greece, renewed their confidence in Alsim with an unprecedented order of 6 simulators: 4 AL250s and 2 cutting-edge Airliners. The first AL250 has been installed in October, followed by 3 AL250s and the first Airliner in 2019. The final Airliner will complete their simulator fleet in 2020.
Internationally-recognized Egnatia Aviation is experiencing a huge growth spurt after signing contracts with Airline companies such as Aegean Airlines, Wizzair and Iraqi Airways. They once again turned to Alsim to expand their modern fleet and state-of-the-art facilities. Having operated an Alsim ALX for over 10 years, which had been newly-released at the time, buying 2 Airliners pre-release is a testament to their faith in our products, making them the launch customer of the new model.
The Airliner has been designed to address medium to large ATOs needs for advanced training. Its competitive price and high training capabilities will maximize business opportunities and guarantee the best return of investment in this simulator category. In addition, its non-type specific specification will release the school from the expensive OEM data-package and license fees required for certifying a specific simulator. The Airliner’s hybrid philosophies offer maximum versatility to adapt Alsim clients’ training.
The AL250 contains the best, state-of-the-art technology and is EASA-FNPT II (Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer) certified. It addresses initial phase training needs (PPL, CPL, IR/ME) and is SEP/MEP re-configurable. In addition, it offers both classic and glass cockpit instrumentation for each flight model at the simple flick of a switch.
Mr Dimitris Lymperakis, Egnatia Aviation’s Director – explains the reason for chosing Alsim’s AL250 & Airliner: “I am delighted to announce the purchase of six new simulators by Alsim. Egnatia Aviation, one of the fastest growing aviation academies, choses Alsim, since the top quality training we offer requires state-of-the-art equipment, as well as, unique operational support in order to maintain a sustainable and continues demanding schedule. The AL250 is a proven training device for the initial stage of the Commercial license, however, the “Airliner”, will boost our capacity and capability. We trust Alsim products and we recognize them as the top training devices in the market for this purpose. For this reason we believe that the best should work with the best in order to obtain the ultimate results.”
Mr Jean-Paul Monnin, Alsim’s co-founder and CEO, emphasizes, “It’s a great pleasure to continue our collaboration with Egnatia, which has lasted 10 years already since their purchase of the then newly released ALX. We congratulate Egnatia on this exciting expansion which is equally rewarding for us.”
About Egnatia Aviation
Egnatia Aviation is a very well-known and well-established training service provider, not only in Europe but in the Gulf Region and Northern Africa.
Egnatia Aviation was established in the UK and provides quality commercial pilot training using modern European based training methodology and systems, motivated instructors and new modern, aircraft and simulator.
Egnatia Aviation has designed an Airline-tailored ATP(A) Integrated Course, which addresses all the Ab-Initio training challenges of today’s future pilots. Being the only EASA Approved Training Academy in Greece with experience in providing customised training products to some of the world leading airlines, a lot of expertise is gathered in order to establish what is believed to be one of the best training programs in Europe, with the needs of all modern air carriers in mind. Furthermore Egnatia Aviation is approved and supply pilots to 61 different Airlines around 57 countries.
For more information about Egnatia: https://www.egnatia-aviation.aero