ALSIM is very pleased to announce the sale of its latest simulator, the AL250, to Atlantic Flight Academy, a flight school located in Turkey. The school already owns and operates an ALSIM ALX flight simulator and this new purchase confirms their confidence in Alsim.
The EASA & FAA qualified AL250 simulator has been developed in 2016 by ALSIM in response to market demand. This compact FNPT II addresses the initial phase training needs (PPL, CPL, IR/ME) and is SEP/ MEP reconfigurable. In addition, it offers both classic and glass instrumentation.
Capt. Sermed Temizkan, Atlantic Flight Academy General Manager, explains why they decided to buy this new device: “We’ve been using the ALX for 5 years and are very satisfied with its quality and its performance (over 5000 hours usage in 2016). We know the AL250 is based on ALX flight models and technology, which is a great assertiveness for us. This device has a lot of advantages: the AL250 FNPT II simulator will fully satisfy Basic Instrument Training requirements, SEP/IR & MEP/IR, as defined in EASA & JAR syllabuses. The AL250 is a compact device that can be reconfigured SEP/MEP, which is a great benefit for our instructors. They can change the aircraft configuration with just one simple touch, no need for any hardware changes or software uploads. Instrumentation can be glass or classic. For Atlantic Flight Academy, it’s a very affordable tool compared to all the benefits it brings, offering a great return on investment. It really answers our needs and will compliment perfectly the ALX.”
AFA -Atlantic Flight Academy- has been founded by Atlas Global Airlines to provide professional pilot training in accordance with JAR-FCL (Joint Aviation Requirements – Flight Crew licensing) rules and regulations in order to meet the increasing need of qualified pilots in the fast-growing aviation sector.
AFA aims to train pilots with advanced theoretical knowledge of international standards and sufficient flying experience, who will follow the developments in the aviation technology and will be able to make use of the resources effectively.
Atlantic Flight Academy has established its flight school at Istanbul, Turkey. This training centre has modern facilities & environment for pilot candidates. Flight crew theoretical training complying with JAR-FCL started in June 2011 and ongoing flight trainings were initiated in August 2011.