The Scene in the Indian skies is changing, and it is changing fast and for the better, together and collectively we need to prepare the ground to meet the demand in the sky. ALSIM Flight Simulators and Orient Flights Private Limited have signed a MoU to mutually support each other in the creation of Simulator Centers in India whose main focus will be to offer Centers in India whose main focus will be to offer PPL, CPL, IR / SE / ME, MCC and JOC, MPL Phase 1 & 2, to the standards of DGCA /EASA/ FAA.
This training service will be offered to the benefit of all Airlines / Training Colleges and Aviation Organizations who qualify to receive such Training. To meet regulatory requirements ALSIM and OFPL will work in unison with the DGCA to discuss, identify and implement the required changes to the current training regime and allocated SIM hours for future Airline Pilot Training, the creation of an Indian based Simulator Center, will benefit student Pilots Training colleges and reduce the cost in achieving their dream. OFPL and ALSIM will create a partnership with the joint objective of improving flight training capabilities in India, stop the current drain of funds leaving India for Europe or the USA to ATO’s for future Indian Airline Pilots Training.
Alsim and Orient Flights joint investment of resources and finance to the amount of circa € 1 million, to ensure India’s future development in professional pilot training, allowing for increased local job creation and investment into the Indian economy.
The current average cost for an ATPL integrated program is circa 80,000 € only and there is no reason why this service cannot be fully provided by the Indian FTO’s. For this to be successfully achieved the support and involvement of the Indian DGCA is key.
Alsim has over 23 years of experience in the field of FSTD and ab-initio training worldwide giving us a strong knowledge of the industry of pilot training, specifically in
the field of small to medium sized FTO’s. Alsim has supplied over 260 simulators to over 45 countries and all are certified.
Orient Flights Chennai & Operations at Mysuru, has been successfully operating since 1994 and over the last 23 years has trained a large number of pilots to obtain Commercial Pilots Licenses. In partnership and with the help of the regulatory bodies, that saves substantial forex outflow and that matches the highest standards in flight safety, we can attain our common objectives, a world recognized pilot training standard in India. http://www.orientflights.com
Orient Flights and Alsim simulators partnership