ALSIM is very pleased to announce the sale of its latest simulator, the AL250 to Air Love, Operated by AéroSoft flight school located in St Martin Island. The ATO is also partner with French Aéro Pyrénées flight school.
“The EASA & FAA qualified AL250 simulator, has been developed in 2016 by the well-known flight simulator manufacturer in response to market demand. This compact FNPT II addresses the initial phase training needs (PPL, CPL, IR/ME) and is SEP/ MEP reconfigurable. In addition, it offers both classic and glass instrumentation – at the flick of a switch!”
Mr Blanchet, AéroSoft Director, explains why he selected the ALSIM AL250: “I already know and trust this company. We have tested their simulators in the past and ALSIM’s AL250 is clearly of better quality than other products we tried. Furthermore, we have the guarantee the simulator will be easily qualified, as the company has all its devices qualified – which was not the case with some competitors. All these points make us feel confident and reassured”.
The school already offers the following training: PPL, CPL, IR/ME & FI. The idea is to optimize the simulator with professional use on one hand and leisure use on the other hand. AéroSoft has several aircraft in its fleet: Cessna 172S, Seneca, Piper Aztec and Arrow 3.
This first overseas ATO has been created to answer the islander’s specific training needs: pilots don’t need to go to mainland France anymore.