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ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified FNPT II and FNPT II MCC flight simulators since 1994: today, we have more than 265 devices installed worldwide, and more than 165 customers.

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"My experience with Alsim has been a positive one. The simulator feels very real compared to other simulators I have used. We are using Alsim as a trainer to teach the students basic procedures before taking them to fly the airplane. This has been very helpful for the students, I have two new students that are in their first hours of flying and are very advanced in procedures thanks to Alsim."

Alberto Davila, CFI, InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico

"The simulator as a training tool is far cheaper to operate than an aircraft and so we were able to reduce prices of our courses whilst still maintaining profit margins. We chose Alsim originally after demonstration of one of the early AL 200 machines and we were impressed by simplicity of device but realism of the flight experience. We have now purchased 5 devices from AL42s (which have completed approx 6000 hours with little or no maintenance issues) to the newest acquisition, the ALX, which Alsim is continuing to develop and improve. We use our machines on such courses as CPL, IR, CB/IR, MCC & JOC. It is also utilised for IR revalidations, flight experiences and pilot aptitude and appraisals ยป.

Colin Dobney, Director, Stapleford Flight Centre

"Rzeszow University of Technology, Aviation Training Center (OKL PRz) has been using Alsim AL200 MCC simulator since 2004. Through this 10-year period, we trained over 150 students, logging more than 11 000 simulated flight hours. With Alsim device, we were able to cover all areas of training in integrated ATP course, so basic and advanced IR, IR for ME airplanes as well as MCC. Starting from 2009, Aviation Training Center is going through transformation to gain even higher than before level of training quality and safety. Our requirements were met by our new Alsim ALX simulator (light jet model) we installed in 2013."

Jerzy Bakunowicz, Director, OKL

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