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ALSIM is very pleased to announce the sale of an ALX simulator to ER-AH, flight training school located in Istanbul, Turkey. The school purchased the Light Turboprop version, 1st of this kind worldwide.
Capt. Erdoğan Cabioğlu, ER-AH General Manager, explains why he chose ALSIM: ”We always care about the quality in flight trainings which can be provided only with the correct devices, reliable sources and proficient fleet. With adding ALX to our inventory we have fulfilled an important field in our future training programs where we are providing MCC trainings directly to Airline companies such as Turkish Airlines, Sunexpress Airlines”.
ER-AH Flight School has the specialty of being the only school that can fly 320 days a year with favorable air conditions in Isparta. Its robust fleet and available runway of the school are the major features that allow the school to be the one of the best of Turkey for aviation trainings.
Experts in their fields, instructors who spend long working years in airlines as pilots are promising pilot candidates to realize their future dream with experienced, energetic training team.
ER-AH Flight School, which raised its training quality to international standards by training foreigner students, increased the number of training planes to 16 in 2016 after renovating its fleet with C172 Glass Cockpit planes. ER-AH continues to be the pioneer of industry with its training level and fleet.
More information at: http://er-ah.net/EN/