ALSIM announces the sale of the FNPT II ALX simulator to AIRPULL AVIATION ACADEMY, E-ATO-101 located in Valencia, Spain. The simulator, bi-motor & Medium Jet, being the most important versions, will, among other benefits, help the school with its JOC training.
Javier S. García Sanz, Airpull Aviation Academy Head of Training, explains why the school selected ALSIM’S ALX: “As Airpull Aviation Academy Head of Training, I chose Alsim for its good reputation and the company’s vast experience in producing high quality flight simulator’s. The ALX simulator is the right product for us: it is versatile, as you can have several aircraft in only one device, this is essential in today’s market allowing us to offer a complete training solution, from single engine, twin engine, turboprop and a jet like the A320. This is going to rank our school amongst the best in Spain.”
Airpull has been dedicated to flight crew training for over a decade now, since 2004 to be more precise, when they started training private pilots. Gradually they have gained the required quality and confidence that have permitted them to become one of the leading professional flight schools in Europe, they are the only school in Spain owning two aerodromes, Requena in Valencia and Garray in Soria.
Airpull Aviation Academy is capable of carrying out the Airline Transport Pilot Program in 15 months. Airpull also has an on-site certified EASA PART 145 maintenance center at their hangars at Requena aerodrome.
Their courses are designed for students and pilots of surrounding countries who are looking for quality training at a price that is aligned with the training provided, which certainly is very competitive in comparison to the rest of Europe. Airpull Aviation Academy has 9 aircraft in their fleet: single engine (Cessna 172 N, Cessna 172 – Glass Cockpit Garmin 1000, Piper Warrior PA 28-161 IFR), twin engine like the Piper Seneca I PA-34 200 IFR. There will be 3 more aircraft in September, added to this new FNPT II flight simulator.
More information at www.airpullaviationacademy.com