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Alsim is very pleased to announce the sale of an ALX – Ultimate Version to Adriana Aviation, a flight school located in Poland, to enhance their flight training.
Michalina Kawka, Adriana Aviation’s Technical Department Manager, explains their choice: “The aviation market is constantly developing in order to meet the highest requirements. Alsim simulators offer a wide range of aircraft models, which is what we needed in terms of training for our school. Alsim has been very helpful, which is why we eventually decided to purchase a high specification ALX FNPT II MCC. They proved to be very professional throughout the purchasing process, from the 1st visit of their Sales Director, Audrey Jeffroy, introducing the company, through training at Alsim’s premises and the final delivery and installation of the device. We are now able to propose a new perfectly detailed cockpit for future airline pilots and to perform MCC/JOC training courses.”
She adds: “A great advantage is the ability to quickly and easily switch between the various configurations, from simple single engined Cessna 172 type aircraft, with either classic analog or glass cockpit (EFIS) instruments, to turboprop and jet based Airbus A320 types. Our simulator will soon be qualified by the Polish Civil Aviation Authorities and will then be ready to train future pilots and contribute to the further development of training standards in Poland.”
Adriana Aviation is an Approved Training Organization (ATO) located in Northern Poland.
As an ATO, the company is qualified to train pilots in the following areas: LAPL, PPL, CPL, ATPL, VFR-N, IR, MEP, CRI, FI, IRI, STI, TRI, MCC, TR
Adriana Aviation is also certified in other areas: ATO – AOC – AWC – AMO – CAMO – Simulator FNPT II
They also own various types of aircraft: Cessna 150/172, Piper PA34, Tecnam P2002JR/P2006T.
Find more information at www.epwt.eu