Montair Aviation
ALSIM is very pleased to announce the sales of an AL200 MCC simulator to Montair Aviation, a flight training school located in Pitt-Meadows, near Vancouver, Canada.

The AL200 MCC can be easily reconfigured to simulate a wide range of aircraft training. A simple mouse click makes it possible to change from a flight model to another. Due to its generic configuration, the whole class of aircraft operated in professional pilot training schools can be simulated with the AL200 MCC.

The aerodynamic behavior of the included flight models is close to reality, and the electric control loading system allows pilots to experience highly realistic and reliable flight sensations. Thanks to its very easy Instruction Operation Station, pilots can carry out all normal and emergency check-lists, due to entirely active flight panels and controls.

Montair Aviation’s Chief Operating Officer, Ian Kennedy says: “With the current growth that Montair is experiencing, a robust simulation platform was vital to ensure we can successfully execute our pilot training contracts. The use of the ALSIM simulator will significantly enhance our company and our ability to serve our growing list of international customers”.

Montair Aviation has been teaching aspiring pilots from around the world since 1995. The company was established with the goal of training both future professional and pleasure pilots to a skill and knowledge level well beyond the average flight school. In 2014, Montair was acquired by Canadian Mountains Aviation Development Group (CMAD) and with this strong financial backing, the company has been able to thrive and grow.
Montair is one of only a select number of flight schools around the world to receive approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to train future Chinese airline pilots. They also have authorization from Transport Canada to deliver Integrated ATPL courses; the highest level of professional training course available in Canada.
Montair is continuing to expand and strengthen, allowing the school to excel at educating competent and effective pilots to fill the needs of an expanding global aviation community. As part of a new phase of growth Montair is soon to open a new base in the Province of Alberta, Canada. This expansion is required to facilitate the new training contracts that the company have entered into, to be executed in 2016 and beyond.
In Phase I of their base expansion Montair will initially train 60-100 full-time airline cadets annually. Each student’s training program will include substantial reliance on the ALSIM instrument, procedural and multi-crew training.

More information at www.montair.com