Alsim is happy to announce the sale of an AL250 simulator to Absolute Aviation, a flight training facility in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada.
The Alsim AL250 is a generic and compact simulator for single & multi engine piston (SEP/MEP reconfigurable) PPL, CPL & IR training. The device was designed for smaller to mid-sized Flight Training Organizations and is certified by the authorities. With more than 30 installed worldwide, the AL250 is proven to be cost-effective and clearly shows markedly better mastery of flight maneuvers and procedures, with students learning faster.
Absolute Aviation trains their student in both the Cessna 172 for single engine training and the Piper PA-60 for multi-engine training. Close proximity and access to major airports, such as Edmonton International, provides both uncontrolled and controlled airspace for student pilots. Their AL250 will feature ALSIM’s own GPS system, inspired by the well-known and popular general aviation avionic found in various light aircraft. Absolute Aviation also provides aircraft maintenance and charter services.
Eric Schletz, Chief Flight Instructor at Absolute Aviation, points out, “Due to the immersion, real-life feel, and capabilities of Alsim’s AL250, it is the best environment to practice emergency procedures safely and effectively. We chose Alsim because it is the most accurate representation of flight in any comparable simulator. Absolute Aviation provides high quality training and we feel the use of Alsim’s device will only increase our quality.”
About Absolute Aviation
Absolute Aviation is a respected flight training and aircraft maintenance facility located in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada with over 40 years in operation. Our location allows us to serve customers from Edmonton and Central Alberta effectively. Flight Training Services are offered by a passionate and qualified team of instructors who ensure student safety remains the top priority. Flexible schedules accommodate all types of student life styles ground school can be taken in regular weekly scheduled classes, an accelerated one on one or on weekends, and even online! Choose the best one for you.
Learn more: www.absoluteaviation.ca/