Super T Aviation simulator was certified by Transport Canada in December, 2014 for Level 2 Single/Multi Engine Flight Training Device and Level 2 Single/Multi Engine IFR Training.

“We are currently integrating the simulator into all levels of our flight training from Private Pilot to Multi-Engine IFR as well as conducting recurrent IFR training and Instrument Proficiency Checks. We are currently a relatively small school with a student base of approximately 30 students per year but hope to grow the school, in part, by the introduction of the ALSIM into training syllabi.”

Terri Super, CEO
Super T Aviation training staff has well over 100 years of aviation experience. Their attention to detail will ensure that when the student graduate, he/she will be able to fly an aircraft anywhere in the world safely and confidently. The school can train the student with basic instruments as well as EFIS (electronic flight instrumentation system). If a full airline preparation package is requested, Super T Aviation Academy will introduce a full 5 tube EFIS suite as found in the most modern Boeing 737, 600, 700, 800 and 900 series aircraft. All training include the use of cockpit flow, command structure, cockpit resource management, CFIT, weather and all Transport Canada requirements for the licence needed.
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