ALSIM ALX simulator


4 classes of aircraft and 10 flight models
in only one device.
Change with the click of a button.

EASA FNPT II & MCC* approved
FAA AATD approved*
TC Level 2 - IPC - MCC* approved

Dive into ALSIM's ALX

HELAIMIA Fethi Zouheir, CFI, Aviation Training School (ATS), Algeria

“Our ALSIM ALX FNPT II MCC has accumulated more than 2600 hours in 2018, offering our students the highest standard of aviation training including: IR/ME, MCC, TCAS and colour WX-Radar, on several aircraft models, easily switchable from analogue to glass-cockpit configuration and personalised to many specific training needs."

HELAIMIA Fethi Zouheir

CFI, Aviation Training School (ATS), Algeria

A different conception

The ALSIM ALX, EASA and FAA-qualified FNPT II MCC, is different in its conception: it supplies a complete training cycle where ab initio students with zero hours’ experiences will be trained to the level of airline-type rating standards. New improvements have been made:

  • The opening between instructor cabin and cockpit has been broadened: bigger angle of vision for the instructor
  • Chair access improved thanks to a longer extension system (optional)

Our ALX simulator is a great tool to use for both the instructor and the trainee. We have always worked in close cooperation with our simulator end-users: the pilots. This is one of the key factors enabling our Research & Development team to ensure that the student will easily recognize the type of aircraft he is flying.

Our high-tech and user-friendly simulator ensures easy immersion for both trainee and instructor and offers a high level of training. In the end, the simulator becomes an essential tool for decision making, which is a vital part of the training.

Click here to access one of our client’s Certificates 

Click to access Single Engine Piston & Multi Engine Piston Certificates of our client One Air, in Spain.

Click to access Generic Turbofan & Multi Engine Piston Certificates of our client Airpull Aviation, in Spain.

"The Alsim ALX is a phenomenal flight simulator and is truly a top class addition to our fleet. Aside from the unquestionable quality and versatility of the product we purchased what really stood out for me is the outstanding customer service we received from the staff at Alsim. I have worked in the aviation industry for many years now and I can honestly say that where customer service is concerned Alsim stands head and shoulders above the rest."

Kristen Johnstone

Quality Assurance Manager, Aeronav Academy

ALX Benefits

  • Scalable device to fit and grow with customer demands
  • Modular set-up of device and its components
  • Easy maintenance for minimal downtimes
  • Covers up to 4 different aircraft types and 10 different flight models
  • Advanced visual system
  • High degree of realism (HDVS & force feedback)
  • Support for customers to set up an efficient training program

A full training cyle solution tailored to your training needs.

ALX students can be trained on several aircraft classes using only one device: thanks to this “wider” approach students become more competent to make the right decisions.

The ALSIM ALX simulator offers up to 4 classes of aircraft – from single engine piston, twin engine piston, twin turbine up to medium category twin jet (generic B737/A320).

Designed and approved for ATPL, CPL/MCC, JOC and pilot selection, the ALX offers advanced technology simulation equipment tailored to your training needs.

In addition, the ALX simulator has a proven track record for cost-effectiveness and helps save numerous aircraft hours.

The ALX is qualified according to CS-FSTD A and FAA rules as well as in many countries:

  • EASA FNPT II & MCC* approved (*Jet and Turboprop only)
  • FAA AATD approved* (*SEP et MEP only)
  • TC Level 2 – IPC – MCC* approved (Turboprop Only)

ALX: easy upgrade

a blueprint
for Evolution

The ALX is many devices rolled into one, and this is no accident. Our development process is designed on an open platform, giving us the flexibility to evolve and branch out from the original blueprint from 2008.

Our R&D teams work hand in hand with service teams and customers to bring about a non-stop evolution of training features. The result is software and hardware which keep up with the times and means you can retrofit your virtual fleet at the drop of a hat.


Thanks to these configurations, any flight school can choose the best level to fit its needs; moreover, the range allows the school to think a step ahead as the ALX is fully upgradable from one level to the next.

for complete

A recent ICAO initiative, the Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL), offers an alternative to the Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL), which requires extensive use of flight simulators. Our innovative machine, the ALX, will give you not only the credit hours needed with its multiple aircraft classes but, more importantly, you will design courses beyond the required standard: PPL, CPL, ATPL theory, airline selection and JOC courses.

MPL Approved

The ALX complies with all phase 1 & 2 requirements and most of the features required for phase 3 are taken into account. This clearly means that the ALX can be used in order to extend phase 2 and therefore minimize phase 3 to save time in a Full Flight Simulator.

This combination of only two simulators will avoid the necessity to purchase expensive Level B FFS for phase 3 or reduce the number of hours in an FFS if the customer wanted to consider this device for phase 3 & 4.

Among the 26 approved MPL programs running today, 4 use the ALX for:

  • MPL Phase 1: 55 hours
  • MPL Phase 2: 80 hours

Initial training is undoubtedly the most important step in a pilot’s career. Therefore the ALX simulator has been specifically developed to answer this training need, from PPL up to Type Rating preparation.

The ALX is compliant with the most widespread standards in aviation such as those of the EASA and FAA:

  • EASA CS FSTD A-FNPT II for piston models
  • EASA CS FSTD A-FNPT II MCC for turbofan and turboprop models
  • FAA 61-136 AATD
  • TC TP9685E - FTD Level 2-IPC-MCC (+ IR renewal)



  • Two-seat cockpit
  • 2 headsets
  • 2 oxygen masks with microphone
  • Analogue instruments display
  • Glass cockpits display
  • Dual FMS
  • Garmin GTN 650Xi
  • Navigation database
  • Quadrant levers adapted to each class of aircraft

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