The Airliner for the Airports Authority of India– Successful Factory Acceptance Test

Friday, Dec 3rd 2021 – Le Loroux-Bottereau, France

The first of three Airliners being supplied to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has successfully passed its Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at Alsim’s manufacturing facility in Nantes on Friday the 26th of November.

Ispum Company

Two senior representatives of AAI travelled to Nantes and performed over 150 tests on the Airliner FNPT II MCC simulator with its collimated visual display system.The FAT was carried out over the course of five days and was also assisted by the presence of our steadfast Indian partner Three D.
The simulator will soon be packed and shipped off to the first of AAI’s three training centre’s to be installed, tested and commissioned, and will be followed by two more Airliner simulators during the coming months.

Alsim are proud to have made this important step forward towards a successful and long-lasting relationship with AAI and our partner Three D.
The Airliner is a hybrid and versatile jet simulator (Fly-by-wire/Conventional control) designed to address medium to large ATOs’ need for advanced MCC, APS MCC, JOC, LOFT and UPRT training. It meets Competency Based Training (CBT) standards as outlined by ICAO.
The Airliner will help flight schools to provide an enhanced training. It also aims to respond to the needs of Airlines, as test preparation and assessment are among the many capabilities of this new device.

About Three D

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We have Successful partnerships with reputed OEMs such as Harris, BARCO, Comsoft, Aerodata, Moog Fernau, DFS, Nav Canada and many more.

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