Monday, March 1st 2021, Le Loroux-Bottereau, France 

ALSIM is thrilled to announce the sale of an ALSR20 to IFR-Flugschule, based in Germany. Their ongoing cooperation with a Cirrus Training Center has led the ATO to choose the brand new ALSIM’s simulator.

The ALSR20 is the latest device manufactured by ALSIM and is the exact replica of the Cirrus SR20 aircraft. This Flight Training Procedure Trainer (FNTP 2) is specifically designed for PPL and IR training needs. The device reproduces the Cirrus SR20 specific interior cockpit and flight deck and comes along with a Garmin GDU 1050A and GFC 700 Autopilot. The ALSR20 is equipped with a Garmin® GMA 350C® – All digital Audio Panel and a Garmin® GCU 479®. The device can also simulate the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®).

“The key reasons for this choice of the ALSIM’s ALSR20 were our location at GA airport, No.1 in Europe, with many premium prospects and growth opportunities, as well as our partnership with Cirrus.” told Roland Otto, Managing Partner at IFR.

“We would like to thank IFR-Flugschule for their confidence. With this new device, their students will benefit from a state-of-the art simulator which represents an exact replica of the Cirrus SR20.  We look forward to installing the simulator in the Frankfurt region.” adds Nicolas de Lassus, ALSIM Sales Account Manager.

About IFR-Flugschule

Founded in 1988, IFR-Flugschule focuses on IR-Training for medium-sized companies and business people and ATPL(A) Training for airline pilot students. Approved Training Facility acc. to European Regulation No. 1178/2011 (DE.ATO.035) & LuftPersV national law (DE.NTO.035) and leading flight school in distance learning (German and English), IFR-Flugschule provides:

  • Licenses: LAPL(A), PPL(A), CPL(A), ATPL(A), Airline Dispatcher
  • Class Ratings: SEP(L), MEP(L), PA46 SET, PC-12 SET, TBM SET, Cessna SET
  • Type Ratings: C501/C551, BE90
  • Other Ratings: Night, Instructors, IR(A), CB-IR, BIR

With 45 Flight Instructors, the school is also a FSTD operator (Cessna C172RG, Diamond DA40 & DA42)

For more information about IFR-Flugschule, please visit: