ALSIM to enter the military market in Poland

Tuesday, May 11th 2021 – Le Loroux-Bottereau, France

Alsim is thrilled to announce the successful FNPT II qualification of the AL40/42 simulator by Polish Civil Aviation Authority, allowing to credit maximum training hours for PBN and IR trainings.

The simulator will also play an important role in instructors training, enabling a smooth “transition” from the left to the right seat.
Lt. col. Tomasz SŁOMCZYŃSKI
Commander of the Flying Training Group
Academic Aviation Training Center (AATC) of the Military University of Aviation (MUA)

Prior to this qualification, ALSIM won the tender, published by the Academic Aviation Training Center (AATC) of the Military University of Aviation (MUA), located in Deblin, eastern Poland, for the supply of a reconfigurable simulator which combines two Diamond aircrafts: DA40 and DA42.

The device reproduces the Diamond specific interior cockpits and flight decks. Changing from the DA42 to the DA40 configuration is fast and easy and is performed by swapping only the dashboard and the middle console. The conversion kit provides two cockpit and central panels, including all a/c system switches, Garmin avionics, as well as the specific power levers, fuel selection and yaw trim panels. The switch of the central panel can be optional as the DA40 configuration will be compatible with the DA42’s one.

The simulator includes real Garmin G1000 NXI and GFC 700 Autopilot / Flight Director, the latest VFR-VS image generator and visual system with 210° screen and the instructor station designed for instructor’s comfort.

The ALSIM AL40/42 is the perfect tool for the Military University of Aviation whose part of the fleet consists of Diamond aircrafts (DA20, DA40 and DA42). The simulator will bring flexibility while reducing costs and increasing flight training efficiency.

According to Lt. col Tomasz SŁOMCZYŃSKI, Commander of the Flying Training Group of AATC at the Polish Military University of Aviation, the great advantage of the device is the possibility of using it as part of the ground preparation before starting practical training on the real aircraft. Thanks to its aerodynamic model, the exact replica of the DA-42 flight model, the simulator enables training in emergency procedures.

“The simulator will also play an important role in instructors training, enabling a smooth “transition” from the left to the right seat. During the virtual flight, you can simulate the selected flight route on a specific type of aircraft in all weather conditions, at any time of the day or night. Good flying habits are developed. Pilots learn how to get out of unusual and emergency situations in the easiest, most effective and safest way” adds Lt. col. Tomasz SŁOMCZYŃSKI.

Ms. Anna LEZORAY, ALSIM’s Sales Account Manager, commented: “We are very glad to welcome the Military University of Aviation among our customers and would like to thank them for their confidence. We look forward to long and fruitful cooperation with Commander of Academic Aviation Training Center Col. pil. Gregory WELTROWSKI and his team.

ALSIM actively works on offering the best solutions to our customers and we are very happy that despite current Covid context, we managed to successfully install the simulator, conduct Factory Acceptance Tests as well as get the approval from Polish Civil Aviation Authority.

We would also like to thank GB Aircraft and Mr. Rafal KARSKI for his implication and invaluable help in this particular project.”

About the Military University of Aviation

The Academic Aviation Training Centre (AATC) was established in 2018. The main mission is to provide and support flight training for candidates to become pilots, cadets, and civilian students of the university according to requirements of the Polish Armed Forces and Civil Aviation Authority.

Aircraft fleet of the Centre consists of 32 aircraft including:

  • 3 Diamond DA42 NG aircraft;
  • 6 Diamond DA40 NG aircraft;
  • 14 Diamond DA20 C1 aircraft;
  • 2 Zlin 143LSi aircraft;
  • 1 Zlin 242L aircraft,
  • 1 Zlin 526 F aircraft;
  • 1 AN 2 aircraft;
  • 7 Guimball Cabri G2 helicopters;
  • 3 Robinson R44 II helicopters.

For more information about the Academic Aviation Training Centre, please visit: www.mua.law.mil.pl/index.php/en/about-us-acsl