The AL250 was designed to meet the needs of aviation colleges, universities and flight schools

OMAHA, NEBRASKA, US. Sept. 15, 2016 – ALSIM Flight Training Solutions, a French manufacturer of flight simulators, is expanding its product line to meet the unique requirements of U.S. flight schools and universities and colleges with aviation programs.
The company plans to unveil its new AL250 flight simulator at the University Aviation Association’s 69th Annual Education Conference & Expo to be held in Omaha, Nebraska on September 28-30.
Representatives from ALSIM will be on hand at the company’s exhibit (Booth #407) to demonstrate the features that make the AL250 an ideal flight simulator for aviation colleges and universities – including ALSIM’s trademark Immersion Software, which provides panoramic views in unparalleled detail from the cockpit.
At the heart of the AL250 is ALSIM Flight Training Solutions’ proven software technology, which is easy to maintenance and provides high quality, 250-degree view angle and high-definition panoramic display. This compact SEP/MEP reconfigurable simulator satisfies the FAA Part 141 & Part 61 courses requirements and meets the training requirement for PPL, CPL and IR/ME ratings.
“We understand to unique aspects of flight training in the university environment and are expert at bringing the flight deck into the classroom,” says ALSIM Sales Director, Audrey Jeffroy. “The AL250 represents the apex of our educational product evolution to date and was developed in close collaboration with our education customers and our very own flight training academy in France.”
For over 22 years, ALSIM Flight Training Solutions have provided clear advantages for aviation educational institutions:

To learn more, visit ALSIM Flight Training Solutions exhibit (Booth #407) at the UAA Education Expo on September 28-30 at the Hilton DoubleTree hotel, 1616 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE 68102. For more information, browse the company: www.alsim.com or call 443-43-ALSIM (443-432-57462).