Alsim is very pleased to announce the sale of an AL250 simulator to Cirrus Aviation, a flight training school located in Florida, USA. Cirrus signed for an AL250, the 1st of its kind in the country, during the International Paris Air Show taking place this week. Alsim has already sold more than a dozen AL250 flight simulators during the last 12 months which is a great success for the company.
The EASA & FAA qualified AL250 simulator was launched in 2016 by Alsim in response to market demand. This compact FNPT II & AATD simulator addresses initial phase training needs (PPL, CPL, IR/ME) and is SEP/MEP reconfigurable. In addition, it offers both classic and glass instrumentation at the simple flick of a switch.
Mr. Scott Firsing, the US Business Development Manager for Alsim, explains, “We are very pleased to count Cirrus Aviation as our first AL250 client in the United States, with our latest product. Alsim AL250 will contribute to their success and will help the flight school provide excellent training to their students. This will increase our presence in the US and is the beginning of a great collaboration between our two companies”.
Mr. David Cattin, owner of Cirrus Aviation, emphasizes, “We selected Alsim after a test flight at Le Bourget in January this year.  We were really impressed with the smoothness of the graphics and the stability of the platform. The versatility of aircraft models at the touch of a button was also a very important factor for us when making the purchase decision. The Alsim team has been excellent to work with and we have created a strong relationship we hope to nurture over the years to come.”
Cirrus Aviation has been training aviators since 1994.  It offers full training through professional and recreational programs both domestic and international.  Cirrus has a full fleet of modern and well-maintained aircraft and is recognized in the industry for its excellence in flight training.
For more information about Cirrus Aviation flight school, please visit the website: www.cirrusaviation.com