Springbank Air Training College (SATC) purchased an AL200 simulator to train their over 200 students at their facility in Alberta, Canada. They are located at Springbank Airport just ten minutes west of Calgary.
As one of WestJet’s newest official Flight Training Partners, Springbank Air offers a career path through WestJet’s Flightpath Program. Flight instructors in this program are offered opportunities to engage in various training platforms including Crew Resource Management (CRM) classes and simulator training sessions.
When asked why they chose ALSIM’s AL200 simulator, SATC President Jayme Hepfner said, “With the increased demand for pilots, it’s becoming more important to utilize advanced simulation to provide the necessary training to meet the standards of the Airline industry, such as with our Westjet partnership.”
SATC General Manager Jade Jewell added, “The AL200 offers multiple benefits above and beyond aircraft training. We are not limited by weather, we have more control over flight parameters and emergency scenarios, Multi-Crew Training, and very realistic layout and graphics, to name a few.”
SATC joins other prominent Canadian flight schools that purchased an ALSIM simulator over recent months including Journey Air and Montair Aviation.
About Springbank Air Training College (SATC)
SATC has been serving the aviation community for over 15 years and helps students achieve their aviation dreams. No matter what your goal is, SATC is committed to helping you get there. Our professional and knowledgeable instructors offer comprehensive guidance as you learn to fly in a friendly and exciting atmosphere. SATC is more than just a flight school. Our passion for aviation drives us to share that passion with our students, providing them with an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We provide safe, professional flight training in an enthusiastic and fun learning environment.
For more information about Springbank Air Training College (SATC): www.springbankair.com