Alsim is pleased to announce the sale of an ALX SEP-MEP flight simulator, to the University of Kyrenia, Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences, based in Kyrenia, Cyprus. The ALX, Alsim’s state-of-the-art simulator, will provide the University the latest technological advances including Alsim’s High Definition Visual System, and constantly evolving software.
The University of Kyrenia also decided to make use of Alsim’s simulator operator service. The manufacturer will operate the FSTD according to EASA applicable standards and will take responsibility for the overall qualification and compliance monitoring. This way, the University will be able to focus on its training rather than managing the compliance of its device, which will help them save time and money.
Capt Koray Yilmaz, Head of Simulator Training at University of Kyrenia, explains why they decided to choose Alsim: “We believe that attention to detail is of paramount importance when it comes to pilot training. Dedicated to train safe and competent pilots, we aim to make adequate equipment readily available for our students throughout their training, especially considering the simulator training requirements. Consequently, Alsim ALX was the optimum choice with due respect to technical and operational capabilities. The reliability of the device together with the remote support services of Alsim will inevitably provide trouble-free training opportunities for our students.”
“Alsim is very happy to provide its ALX brand to the University of Kyrenia in order to support their professional pilot training program and we wish this is the beginning of a long relationship between our entities“, Audrey Jeffroy, Alsim’s Sales Director, adds.
 About University of Kyrenia
The University of Kyrenia (KU) has its roots from 1978, and was then formally founded in Cyprus in 2013. The University has the approval of the TRNC’s Ministry of National Education and received its accreditation from the Higher Education Planning, Evaluation Accreditation and Coordination Council (YODAK), on 19th March 2013.
As a result of wide-ranging market research, the Board of Trustees of the University decided to create a Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences, to offer undergraduate degree programs in the Departments of Civil Air Logistics, Aviation Management (Civil Air Transport Management), and Professional Pilot Training (Pilotage). The Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences opened its doors to students for the academic year 2015-2016.
The University of Kyrenia has become one of the most prominent educational institutions in the region, and it contributes to the development of both the region and our country through its 39 under-graduate programs; 2 postgraduate programs; and 9 associate degree programs offered by two vocational schools. Not content with this, further endeavours and expansion are already being planned.
For more information about the school: http://kyrenia.edu.tr/