Alsim is pleased to announce the first sale of an AL42 FSTD in Spain. One Air, approved flight training center and long-term Alsim customer, located in Malaga, acquired the device to replicate their fleet of DA42 twin-engine training aircraft. Together with their Alsim ALX FNPT II, certified for MCC, medium jet, multi-engine piston, single-engine piston and PBN training, this new simulator makes One Air the Spanish school with the largest number of next generation Alsim FNPT II simulators.
The AL42 FSTD is an exact replica of the Diamond DA42, built using genuine aircraft parts and equipped with the latest real-world Garmin G1000 avionics suite. It comes with Alsim’s High Definition Visual System (HDVS), electronic force feedback on 3 axes, GFC 700 autopilot capabilities, active circuit breakers, de-ice system panel, and a semi-enclosed instructor station. The device is designed and approved for CPL, ME-IR and PPL training in compliance with all current regulatory standards.
Mr Agustín Cabanillas, One Air Group Director, explains, why his school chose Alsim again: “As most airlines do, we have trusted the same aircraft manufacturer for our large fleet of Diamond single-engine (DA20-C1 and DA40) and twin-engine aircraft (DA42). For us, it is a breakthrough to improve the safety and understanding of flight procedures, thus minimizing human error, by teaching parts of the instrumental phase (IR) and other courses in a simulator such as the Alsim AL42, which is an exact replica of the Diamond DA42. We consider the device a complement for a better training and standardization.”
Mr Nicolas de Lassus, Alsim’s Sales Account Manager, emphasizes: “We are very glad to continue our partnership with One Air thanks to this new AL42 simulator acquisition. One Air already owns an ALX device which they have been using successfully for their IR and MCC training. With the AL42, they will increase their capacity and continue to offer state-of-the-art training to their students. We have almost 18 devices installed in Spain already and we would like to continue participating in our clients’ development offering reliable and performing devices which exactly meet their needs.”
About One Air 
One Air is a Spanish flight training organization approved by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) and certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as Approved Training Organization E-ATO 190. The flight school is based at the International Airport of Malaga, which–due to its location in the south of Spain–offers the most favorable weather conditions to train pilots from all over Europe. Founded in 2010 by commercial pilots and instructors, One Air is an aviation school created by pilots for pilots seeking to hone their skills. The school’s philosophy essentially comes down to equipping their students with the industry’s latest top-quality technologies while offering the highest safety standards.
For more information about One Air, visit https://www.grupooneair.com/