Alsim is very pleased to announce the sale of an ALX (MEP & Medium Jet) flight simulator to Billund Air Center, a Flight Training Organization based in Denmark. The school has been working with Alsim for many years now and already owns an ALSIM AL100 flight simulator.
Jakob Bjerre Jorgensen, Billund Air Center FSTD Manager, gives us some insight into the profitability of their device: “Our Alsim AL100 has flown close to 11,000 hours total and we have had 350+ students through our facility on the simulator. The maintenance downtime compared to the number of hours in service has been very little – less than 2% per year on average over the past 16 years, which says a lot about Alsim and the AL100’s operational stability.”
Billund Air Center A/S (BAC) has now decided to continue the journey and renewed its confidence in the Alsim team once again. BAC has, among other things, chosen Alsim’s ALX simulator as part of their new business plan. The ATO wanted to comply with the new upcoming EASA requirements for advanced MCC training courses and the great desire for more “airline orientated pilots” for the airline industry.
Jakob Bjerre emphasizes: “Alsim has a good setup for manufacturing and delivering FSTDs and you can really feel that the Alsim team has years of experience in the field of FNPT devices – this is also one of the reasons why Billund Air Center A/S has chosen the ALX. The ALX has been in production since 2008 and, since then, Alsim has had a team working specifically on developments for the ALX, so the simulator is constantly evolving. This makes sure that we, as a customer, have the newest technology and training equipment to fulfill industry requirements and is also highly appreciated by our customers.”
About Billund Air Center
In the beginning, BAC had only three aircraft, but quickly grew bigger, and in 1999 BAC built the hangar and office facilities that they still use today. Currently the school has six aircraft, four helicopters and three flight simulators, with approximately 20 employees.
Billund Air Center is located right next to Billund Airport, so student pilots can perform their training in an active aviation environment with aircraft like the ones they will fly later. Billund Air Center is the only school so closely linked to Denmark’s second largest airport.
For more information: www.billundaircenter.dk