ALSIM is very pleased to announce the sale of a refurbished AL200 MCC simulator to Montair Aviation, a flight training school located in Pitt-Meadows, near Vancouver, Canada. This will be Montair’s second AL200.
Due to its generic configuration, the AL200 can be easily reconfigured to simulate a wide range of aircraft training, making it a crucial part of Montair’s Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (IATPL) course. The course has trained hundreds of pilots that now fly for airlines around the world.
Montair Aviation’s Director of Flight Operations, Blair Parrant says, “We are pleased to add our second ALSIM AL200-MCC to our fleet of simulators! With the current pilot recruitment demands, being able to provide high quality, efficient simulation training is a must. After our first AL200-MCC purchase in April 2016, our team knew when it came time to acquiring an additional simulator we wanted it to be another ALSIM. It’s simplified instructor control unit, highly realistic flight control functions, and diverse fleet selection make this unit a great addition for our team”.
The AL200 is scheduled to be delivered early next year, prior to the start of Montair’s next IATPL in April 2018.
About Montair Aviation
Montair Aviation has been teaching aspiring pilots from around the world since 1995. The company was established with the goal of both future professional and pleasure pilots to a skill and knowledge level well beyond the average flight school.
Montair is one of only a select number of flight schools around the world to receive approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to train future Chinese airline pilots, in addition to authorization from Transport Canada to deliver Integrated ATPL courses; the highest level of professional pilot training course available in Canada.
The company has trained and graduated hundreds of current airline pilots, from dozens of countries. Montair is continuing to expand and strengthen, allowing it to excel at educating competent and effective pilots to the needs of an expanding global aviation community.
Montair Alsim press release