Alsim is very pleased to announce the sale of an AL250 simulator to Montair Aviation, a flight training school with locations in Pitt-Meadows in the Vancouver metro and Red Deer in Alberta, Canada. This is Montair’s third Alsim simulator after purchasing an AL200 MCC in 2016 and a second AL200 in 2017.
Montair’s AL250 has Alsim’s HDVS visual system with 250-degree horizontal and 49-degree vertical field of view and Alsim’s latest operating system. Avionics can be quickly changed between a typical large-display modern glass cockpit to traditional “six-pack” gauges. Montair also chose the WAAS enabled Garmin GTN650 GPS com/navigator. This gives them the ability to cover GPS approaches, a growing and important component of Canadian Instrument Ratings and other training.
“We are thrilled to add our third Alsim device to our fleet! Montair is growing and we feel very strongly about Alsim products and the benefits they bring to our students and our business. We are particularity excited about the AL250. It’s part of Alsim’s new generation of simulators with high definition visuals, operating system and newer Garmin avionics with GNSS that can do RNP APCH, as well as LPV approaches (WAAS).” says Montair’s Blair Parrant, Director of Flight Operations.
“It’s been a pleasure working with the Montair team. Once again, they have selected a great simulator that fits in perfectly with their current fleet and training. In fact, because the AL250 has the latest technology, it makes Montair’s already superb capabilities even more impressive,” adds Dr Scott Firsing from Alsim’s North America office in Austin Texas.
The AL250 is scheduled to be delivered and installed at their Pitt Meadows location at the end of 2018.
About Montair Aviation
Montair Aviation has been teaching aspiring pilots from around the world since 1995. The company was established with the goal of both future professional and pleasure pilots to a skill and knowledge level well beyond the average flight school. Montair is one of only a select number of flight schools around the world to receive approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to train future Chinese airline pilots, in addition to authorization from Transport Canada to deliver Integrated ATPL courses; the highest level of professional pilot training course available in Canada. The company has trained and graduated hundreds of current airline pilots, from dozens of countries. Montair is continuing to expand and strengthen, allowing it to excel at educating competent and effective pilots to the needs of an expanding global aviation community.