ALSIM is pleased to announce the sale of an ALX (SEP/MEP/MJ) to BAFA (Ben Air Flight Academy), a flight school located in Antwerp, Belgium. The new simulator will be equipped with LPV/PBN. Alsim bought back 2 simulators from the competition and replaced them with the ALX.
Mr. Xavier de Rom, BAFA Safety/FSTD Manager, explains why the group selected ALSIM’s ALX, “We had the opportunity to fly the ALX at Requena. We really appreciated the flight models and flexible changes between the different aircraft configurations. The technologies in the aviation sector are continuously improving, we think the ALX offers the best opportunity to provide for up to date avionics, advanced training possibilities and is the best match to our existing aircraft fleet. We are in an ongoing process to improve the quality and efficiency of our flight training and we know the ALX will help us in achieving this goal.”
About BAFA
BAFA is the leading Belgian Approved Training Organization (ATO).
BAFA combines over 35 years of experience in training pilots with a modern and dynamic approach, an impressive fleet of 6 single-engine Piper Warrior IIIs, 1 multi-engine Piper Seminole, 2 flight simulators and 2 premises in Belgium (Antwerp International Airport – Ostend International Airport).
Their mission is to provide the optimum basic training for candidate pilots in order to prepare them for a successful career in aviation, proposing several customized programs to attain this goal:

For more information about BAFA: www.bafa.be