ALSIM is very pleased to announce the sale of an AL42 simulator to Diamond Airline Academy, a flight school located in Melbourne, Australia. This will be the first AL42, a replica of the Diamond DA42 aircraft, in Australia. The device will be delivered in October.
Diamond Airline Academy is a new flight training centre opening in Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne later this year. They are actually converting their building to house the new simulator. The company is planning to work with one of the Airlines in China and provide training for their cadets. The AL42 simulator, configured with Thielert engine, will be used for procedural training and IFR.
Mr. Kai Li, Diamond Airline Academy General Manager, says, “We have been seeing the brand name for a long time and there are not many Diamond DA42 simulators on the market. Also, we have met Alsim back in February during the Singapore Airshow. We think the simulator quality is good and Alsim also offers good after sales services.”
He continues, “Airline industry is booming, especially the Chinese market. Diamond Airline Academy would expect its continuous growth over the next 5-10 years.
About Diamond Airline Academy
Diamond Airline Academy Group has got two flying schools, Learn To Fly (LTF) & Diamond Airline Academy (DAA), a newly set up company aiming to provide flight training for airline cadets and university students. They only use Diamond aircraft including DA40s and DA42s. There are two training bases, one in Melbourne and another one in Townsville, Australia.
More information about Learn To Fly: www.learntofly.edu.au