Alsim is very pleased to announce the Colombian flight school Escuela de Aviación Flying is acquiring ALSIM’s AL250 flight simulator becoming Alsim’s first device to be installed in South America. The AL250 contains the best, state-of-the-art technology and is FAA-AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device) and EASA-FNPT (Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer) certified. This simulator will be present at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh (USA) in July and available for demos before travelling to Colombia to be installed in September.
The AL250 simulator addresses initial phase training needs (PPL, CPL, IR/ME) and is SEP/MEP re-configurable. In addition, it offers both classic and glass cockpit instrumentation for each flight model at the simple flick of a switch. This device has been extremely well received since its creation and more than 20 of these have already been sold and are in successful operation worldwide.
Captain Fabio Montoya, Escuela de Aviacion Flying’s Managing Director, explains the reasons why they chose Alsim’s AL250, “We are proud to have a compact simulator, approved to accurately simulate PBN/LNAV (Performance Based Navigation/Lateral Navigation), LNAV/VNAV and LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance) operations. Keeping into account the current needs of the industry and the constant development of the world’s air navigation, the AL250 is re-configurable for single or multi-engine aircraft, analogue or electronic instruments (EFIS) and last generation software, attending in this way the requirements for private, commercial and instruments pilots.”
Mr Nicolas de Lassus, Alsim’s Sales Manager, emphasizes, “We are very glad to welcome Escuela de Aviacion Flying as our first client in South America. Alsim has been expanding a lot worldwide for many years, and the opening of our USA office last year was also a way for us to reach this region. We hope this is the beginning of a great cooperation with the School and the first of many Alsim devices operated in South America.”
Escuela de Aviacion Flying is a professional training center for cabin crew, commercial and private pilots, led by motivated and passionate Aviation professionals. As an Aviation Training Center, the school offers the following services:

The school has been ATO approved by Colombian Authorities since 2015.
For more information about Escuela de Aviacion Flying: http://escueladeaviacionflying.co