100% certified devices

With the support of our inhouse certification department

Certification is a major step when you acquire a simulator. Dealing with authorities’ regulations can sometimes be a real challenge for an ATO, especially for smaller organizations. ALSIM has proven and extensive experience in terms of qualification and can provide you with comprehensive support.

Our dedicated team will work closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that your simulator is easily and quickly qualified to give you peace of mind.

From training to full assistance for your certification, ALSIM can provide you with a full range of services to meet your needs and guarantee the qualification of your device.


Our dedicated team will provide you with all the necessary information needed to qualify your new simulator. The training includes regulatory requirements and the overall qualification process.


Proper QTG documents are essential since they include validation tests required to demonstrate the expected fidelity of the aerodynamic and performance model of the FSTD. We provide you with a complete document to allow efficient review and evaluation.


We have a dedicated team that are on-hand to support you during the qualification of your device. If required, we can also be present at your facility during the audit inspection.