Time for a different approach

The right tool for your training center

ALSIM’s Airliner has been created by training experts to respond to the increasing demand for high-end ab-initio training by ATOs. The Airliner is a multipurpose hybrid simulator that will cover the following training scenarios:

  • Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)
  • Advanced Pilot Standard (APS MCC)
  • MPL Phase 3
  • Airline Selection (preparation and skills tests)
  • Aircraft Complex Systems Operation
  • Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT)
  • Type Rating (preparation and familiarization)
  • Upset Prevention Training (UPT)

Train to Airline standard with the most versatile jet simulator ever produced

  • Be ready for the new training challenges
  • Improve training quality and efficiency
  • Improve business performance
  • Reduce cost and increase training capabilities
  • Use the the market’s best alternative product to aircraft specific devices
  • No restriction to A/C-specific devices with limited versatility
  • ATO students will be trained to airline pilot competency not to specific aircraft procedures
  • Remain open for partnerships with airlines operating other aircraft than B737 or A320
  • Address pilot shortage

"The Airliner will boost our capacity and capability. We trust Alsim products and we recognize them as the top training devices in the market for this purpose. For this reason we believe that the best should work with the best in order to obtain the ultimate results.”

Dimitris Lymperakis, Director, Egnatia Aviation (Greece)

Your Benefits

Maximized ROI
Competitive price + high training capabilities = best return on investment

No expensive OEM licence
Generic airliner jet flight model representative of a 150 seat aircraft

Low maintenance
The Alsim hardware and software platform offers the best performance at un unmatched low maintenance level

Train for the airline jet environment based on a philosophy similar to that of Airbus or Boeing


ALSIM has always been ahead of the times
with innovative training products. It has been
our conviction from the very beginning that
generic, representative devices are ideal tools
to train pilot core competencies. When
developing the Airliner, our R&D engineers
worked closely together with training experts
to create the first jet simulator fully designed
to meet competency based training (CBT)
standards as outlined by ICAO. The Airliner
will give you the highest fidelity level you can
imagine in a non-type-specific simulator
while embracing the new CBT philosophy
as no other product on the market.

Mickaël Hérard, Product Manager


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