optimize your business with alsim's airliner

"The Airliner will boost our capacity and capability. We trust Alsim products and we recognize them as the top training devices in the market for this purpose. For this reason we believe that the best should work with the best in order to obtain the ultimate results.”

Dimitris Lymperakis, Director, Egnatia Aviation (Greece)

The right tool for medium to large ATOs

The Airliner has been designed to address medium to large ATOs needs for advanced training. Its competitive price and high training capabilities will maximize your business opportunities and guarantee the best return of investment in this simulator category. In addition, its non-type specific specification will release you from the expensive OEM datapackage and licence fees required for certifying a specific simulator.

Prepare your students to become first officers

Most medium ATOs are training pilots for various horizons that require a superior, flexible simulator used for high end training. The Airliner’s hybrid philosophies offer you maximum versatility to adapt your training. Today, the most flown aircraft by new first officers are the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320. This is why Alsim has created the hybrid technology, which gives you the opportunity to orient the training towards a more Airbus or a more Boeing philosophy with the objective to better prepare your student for any type rating or airline selection.

“With the increasing industry pressure to produce airline pilots due to the growing global pilot shortage, airline pilots entering the market will likely be in the Airbus A320 and/or Boeing 737. ALSIM hybrid technology meets that need, giving pilots representative experience in these two major fleet types and operational philosophies early in their careers. Moreover, the ALSIM Airline model improves pilot preparation for transport category type ratings and airline selection alike.”

Mickaël Hérard, Product Manager


What for ?

Alsim’s Airliner has been created by training experts to respond to the increase of ATOs demand for the high end of ab-initio training.

The Airliner is a multipurpose hybrid simulator that will cover the following training:

  • Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)
  • Advanced Pilot Standard (APS MCC)
  • Jet Orientation Course (JOC), Jet Bridging
  • Airline Selection (preparation and skills tests)
  • Aircraft Complex Systems Operation
  • Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT)
  • Type Rating (preparation and familiarization)
  • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)

The Airliner is a reconfigurable simulator with two configurations representative of the two major aircraft philosophies, Boeing and Airbus, when considering commercial transport jet aircraft. Alsim has combined all the similar systems present in these aircraft while keeping specific the differences that really matter for the pilot. Some secondary systems have been simplified to allow an optimized transfer of knowledge for new jet pilots.

Our hybrid technology allows you to teach the main differences between the auto-thrust and the auto-throttle systems; the conventional versus the augmented fly-by-wire control laws; the side-stick versus the control column handling; or even the different autopilot control logics. Within a unique cockpit, our engineers have developed smart solutions for quickly setting the elements you need for your training

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