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Why does ALSIM offer such a service ? EASA regulations require operators to establish, operate and maintain a Compliance Monitoring System (CMS). Benefit from a truly advantageous service that very few simulator manufacturers can offer. Choosing ALSIM as your simulator operator allows you to free more time for your job: training future pilots.

Get rid of the paperwork !

ALSIM being the operator…
means less pressure on you:

  • Acceptance of your device according to applicable standards and training needs
  • Technical compliance of your device according to CS-FSTD
  • Communications and negotiations between authorities and ALSIM
  • Initial and recurrent training of your technical staff
  • Compliance monitoring of the FSTD
  • Maintenance and update of the FSTD

FSTD qualification & operation solution

Patrick Fenech, Managing Director, Malta School of Flying

"ALSIM not only sold us a great device, but the company also took care of the entire qualification process of our FSTD, and took on the role of operator.
This way, we can concentrate on our core business: flight training.”

Patrick Fenech

Managing Director, Malta School of Flying

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A Compliance Management System (CMS), required by the Authorities, can be a big challenge for smaller organizations:

  • Limited resources and lack of FSTD “expert”
  • Additional workload and responsibilities for the flight school
  • Required knowledge of FSTD regulations and specifications usually out of ATO “core competency”
  • Uncomfortable position of the operator being “stuck in the middle” between the authorities and the manufacturer
  • Risk of operational delays if the ATO does not comply at first attempt
  • FSTD evaluation and CMS audit fees can be very high when applying to EASA

Thanks to this service, ALSIM will:

  • Operate your FSTDs according to EASA applicable standards
  • Take responsibility for the overall qualification and compliance monitoring of your FSTD

Compliance Monitoring Management

  • Authority fees management
  • FSTD initial and recurrent evaluation full management (application, evaluation scheduling, on-site support, corrective action follow-up)
  • CMS internal & external audit
  • CMS training of ATO’s staff
  • CMS documentation

What are the benefits for your school ?

  • Efficient cost management of all FSTD operations with an “all inclusive” package (maintenance, update, database, compliance)
  • Workload reduction and time saving for more important tasks focused on training core competency
  • Maintaining a state of the art FSTD featuring the latest innovations via the Evolution Services
  • Guarantee of a 100% compliant device and approval without restrictions

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