Why Choose ALSIM?

Why should I buy a flight simulator instead of an aircraft ?

Remember all the advantages of a simulator vs a plane:

  • You can train as much as you want in a simulator: it is available 24/7
  • You can prepare for all kinds of scenarios without taking any risk
  • You can learn how to react to a situation before you experience it for real
  • It’s far less expensive than training in an aircraft and offers a stronger ROI (approx. $200 000/ year for 1 500 hours)

We provide comprehensive training solutions

Every ALSIM product is developed through dialogue with our customers, helping us to provide business solutions you can rely on. This also results in new and unique training applications driven by customer satisfaction.

Customer benefits

  • Educational Innovation
  • Airline-Ready Pilots
  • Cost-Efficient Training
  • MCC/JOC Training Syllabus
  • Qualification Support
  • Alsim as Simulator Operator

1. Educational Innovation

With the ALX simulator, ALSIM presents a new and innovative training concept that combines various aircraft types in one single simulator.

The purpose of this simulator is to act as a training tool to provide skills for a wide range of aircraft: single piston, twin piston, twin turbine and medium category twin jet. The principle involved is not learning to pilot and control one specific aircraft but to understand the logic and procedures common to each class of aircraft. This means that the instrument panel has to be designed with this in mind: it must not mirror the design of any particular aircraft but reflect all the systems that might be found in each aircraft class.

All of our devices are made with the same precision, with the highest quality of training constantly at the forefront.

A great tool for both instructor and trainee

"My experience in working with the Alsim device has been a good one. As a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), I can work with different scenarios exposing the student to real-life situations. This tool is essential for our students in developing aeronautical decision-making and creating that situational/awareness that is so important".

José O. Torres Lopez

Chief Flight Instructor

2. Airline-Ready Pilots

The ALX simulator offers comprehensive training: the future pilot can use it all the way to Type Rating. Our goal is to optimize training, improve the way pilot and co-pilot work together and propose airline-ready pilots to the market.

3. A HUGE ROI: Discover how NCAT saved money with Alsim simulator

4. MCC/JOC Training Syllabus

ALSIM aims to go further than you are used to: we give you the key to optimizing the use of your simulator. With your package, you can benefit from the training syllabus associated with your simulator. The idea is to help your school prepare its training by giving you the content and syllabus unique to your ALSIM device.

This is really different from what other suppliers offer:
ALSIM provides you with the MCC/JOC syllabus and gives you the recipe to use your device.

The MCC/JOC program contains the following items:

  • Syllabus documents
  • Instructor manuals
  • Student manuals

This program is constantly evolving and can be adapted to your ATO and customized to your needs or your national aviation regulations.

You can choose “à la carte” services that best fit your business:

  • Training material only
  • Instructor familiarization courses
  • EASA approved MCC instructor training

5. Qualification Support

We understand that a simulator is a major investment, which is why ALSIM provides real support in terms of qualification. Our dedicated team works closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that your simulator is qualified easily and quickly to guarantee you peace of mind.

ALSIM constantly collects and monitors information on how its products and systems are used. This information is fed to the R&D Department to answer ALSIM’s clients needs and keep the simulators at the leading edge of technology and in compliance with aviation requirements.

This is why we have developed specific tools that take into account your ATO needs & constraints. Our qualification tools, thanks to their user-friendly interface and advanced automation, help you save time and facilitate your work with regard to compliance monitoring activities.

Let ALSIM simplify your job.

All our simulators -more than 300- are qualified (mostly EASA, FAA). With these devices and many useful tools, there is no better guarantee for you to have your simulator qualified and ready-to-use.

Easy qualification process for our customer ER-AH

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