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The AL200 MCC covers the entire course from PPL up to MCC:  this FTD can replace several devices previously operated by flight schools to meet the requirements of different stages of training leading to a position as an Airline officer. This AL200MCC is qualified according to EASA for FNPT II MCC PA31 T.

  • Two seat aircraft cockpit
  • Single engine piston: Piper PA-28 / Socata TB20 / BE24 Sierra / Cessna 172 / Cessna 182
  • Twin engine piston: Cessna T303 / Beech BE-58 Baron / Piper PA-44 180 Seminole / Piper PA-34 Seneca I / Piper PA-34 200T Seneca II / Piper PA-34 220T Seneca V / Piper PA-31 350 Navajo / Grumann GA-7 Cougar, PA / Beech BE-76 Duchess
  • Twin engine turboprop: Piper PA-31T Cheyenne II / Beech BE-200 / ATR-42 300 Generic
  • Twin engine jet: Cessna Citation II 550 Generic
  • 208° x 49° High Definition Visual System with relief and coastal lines
  • GNS 430 avionics & Nav Database
  • Graphical touch screen Instructor station
  • Full documentation: user, maintenance, flight operator manuals, check lists.
  • Maintenance spare parts kit

Main characteristics of the instructor station:

  • Enclosed instructor station
  • 15” touch screen
  • Color printer
  • Headset
  • Startup panel
  • Emergency knobs (x2)

The instructor operating system will allow the following functions:

  • Map display
  • Positioning / repositioning
  • Weather conditions adjustment
  • Flight model selection
  • Failure menu

> Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Canada utilizes the Alsim AL200 MCC in their Commercial Pilot Program. Watch this video to learn more about their training.