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Warranty & Maintenance

The story does not end with the installation of the simulator. It is exactly the opposite: ALSIM offers its customers an extended warranty and comprehensive maintenance package. The FSTD is managed and controlled by ALSIM: this means less stress for the customer and the guarantee of a constantly updated training tool.

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A real Qualification support

We understand that a simulator is a major investment, which is why ALSIM provides you real support in terms of qualification. Our dedicated team will work closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that your simulator is easily and quickly qualified and guarantee you peace of mind. All our simulators – more than 200 – are qualified. With these devices and many useful tools, there is no better guarantee for you to have a your simulator certified and ready-to-use.

On another part, you can benefit from a truly advantageous service that very few simulator manufacturers can offer. Choosing ALSIM as your simulator administrator will give you more time for your job: training future pilots. Let ALSIM simplify your job.

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