Warranty & Maintenance

The story does not end with the installation of the simulator. It is exactly the opposite: ALSIM offers its customers an extended warranty and comprehensive maintenance package. The FSTD is managed and controlled by ALSIM: this means less stress for the customer and the guarantee of a constantly updated training tool.

The customer receives maintenance training at ALSIM’s premises before shipment of the device. A spares kit is also provided with all the parts needed to ensure independence. A remote connection system allows ALSIM technicians to take control of customer’s equipment using a secure VPN connection.

Our simulators are delivered with a two-year warranty support.

Click here to access our AL42 warranty & maintenance services price sheet.

Included in our two-year Warranty support package:

  • Airport and navigation databases are updated quarterly
  • Telephone, e-mail and Techlog ticket service
  • Diagnosis via secure internet connection (VPN)
  • Annual maintenance, recurrent training and checks
  • Maintenance spares parts kit


The Evolution Service option brings you the best of Alsim’s latest software and hardware design along with a zero running cost maintenance service all in one package.

What are the benefits for you ?

  • Free maintenance services: parts, repairs, part loans, worldwide navigation & visual database, up to 2 visits per year (all cost included), unlimited hotline and VPN assistance access
  • Free software upgrades including new ALSIM software designs such as: TCAS, weather radar, ALSIM High Definition Visual System (HDVS)
  • Free hardware upgrades: new generation hardware will be retrofitted to your ALX in order to keep it up-to-date. This includes your used projectors.

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ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified FNPTII and FNPTII MCC flight simulators since 1994: today, we have more than 260 devices installed worldwide, and more than 160 customers.
Discover our state-of-the-art ALX simulator: with up to 4 classes of aircraft and 10 flight models available in only one device. We also manufacture a specific simulator for the famous Diamond DA42. Our latest device, the AL250 simulator, is compact, SEP/MEP reconfigurable, and brings our latest technology to answer your PPL, CP & IR/ME training needs.
We also provide a comprehensive range of services to help you build your ATO or operate your device.