How virtual teamwork aids an installation
on the other side of the world

Tuesday, April 28th 2020, Le Loroux-Bottereau, France

One positive element about the current situation is having a bit more time to do documentation.

The global simulator manufacturer ALSIM is taking advantage of this unique time of lock-downs and restricted travel to work on many new projects related to their flight training devices and support. They recently announced the new AL40, a replica of a new Diamond DA40 aircraft. At the same time, ALSIM’s maintenance, research and development, and hardware/software teams have been hard at work to improve the capabilities, technology and training on their expanding simulator range.

ALSIM’s technicians normally provide installation and training on site after a client’s simulator has been delivered. However, due to travel restrictions, ALSIM’s after sales and service team has begun producing step by step maintenance videos to provide easy remote installation for clients around the world.

The first customer to benefit from this remote installation is Korean Aviation College.

“There were some worries due to COVID-19 crisis, but our team’s ideas and ALSIM’s active support combined produced very good results.
Through detailed and accurate video explanations, and continuous ALSIM support from France to Korea, the simulator installation went perfectly.
Our team would like to express our gratitude to ALSIM for a final great result through strong partnership. ”

Young Song, Manager & Mr. Jeong, Director
Korean Aviation College

As we continue to fight this global pandemic together, ALSIM team members are available on email and telephone when needed. Normal installations and face-to-face training, both on site and at ALSIM’s France headquarters, will proceed as planned once worldwide travel becomes possible. However, the new videos developed during this time will serve as essential backup or as part of future recurrent training for years to come.

Details on ALSIM’s other projects like new simulator software upgrades are scheduled to be released over the coming weeks.