February 2020 L'Usine Nouvelle

In 25 years, Alsim has manufactured and installed nearly 400 flight simulators in more than 300 customers in 50 countries. These tools are intended for the initial training of airline pilots in schools, universities and companies. Today, Alsim is going further with the Airliner, designed for the final phase of ab initio training.

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Alsim flight simulator for next gen pilots

November 2019 SA Flyer

French simulator company Alsim has already achieved significant success in South Africa.

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25 years of simulation

March 2019 Wings

Scott Firsing of Alsim discusses the company's growth in North America and the progress of simulators.

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Enhanced realism in flight sims

November 2018 COPA FLIGHT

There are many benefits from training in a simulator. From the flight school's perspective: reduced operating costs, increased utilization, less impact from snags, improved professionalism and flight training not limited by the actual weather. From the pilot's perspective: lower hourly costs, consistent instruments and avionics, greater availability and less time required to complete the training syllabus.

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Alsim's "magical 3-D" Advanced Training Device

September 2018 In Flight USA

While it seems that the early use of flight simulation as found in the Moisant School could be considered a thing of the past, a company by the name of Alsim seems to think otherwise. Their line of advanced training devices are high tech fixed base simulators that combine high instrument fidelity with what they call their HDVS Total Immersion visual system.

Alsim's "magical 3-D" Advanced Training Device [402.31 KB]

JOC with CRM at WW

September 2018 Euro Pilot

Most airlines expect prospective employees to possess cockpit resource management skills, with many also preferring candidates to have completed a Jet Orientation Course. CRM Aviation Europe uses the Alsim's ALX simulator to complete this JOC. On this sim and in the well appointed classrooms alongside CRM holds its Jet Orientation and Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) courses. Many airlines are now requesting that prospective employees complete a Jet Orientation Course (JOC) prior to applying.

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Alsim interview at Airventure 2018

August 2018 Association of Flight Simulator Builders and Instructors

Based in the west of France, for almost 25 years. Next year is Alsim’s 25th anniversary. The company was born with two people working out of a garage, Jean-Paul Monnin who is a software engineer, and Jerome Binachon who was an Air France first officer.

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We fly Alsim’s AL250 twin simulator

August 2018 Association of Flight Simulator Builders & Instructors

First impressions are important, and our mind categorizes them almost immediately as positively or not. Stepping into the AL250 was one of those nice-to-remember pleasant experiences.

We fly Alsim’s AL250 twin simulator. [742.19 KB]

High Flyers

July 2018 Low Cost & Regional

For some time, the airline industry has faced a crucial pilot shortage but now, training providers are expanding their facilities and are investing in new partnerships to meet demand. Rob Coppinger reports

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Are you sure we aren't moving ?

June 2018 General Aviation News

My short flight in the AL250 – from/to KOSH – demonstrated you don’t need motion to feel movement.

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FTD Maker Alsim Demos AATD

April 2018 AIN Online

French advanced flight training device manufacturer Alsim (Booth 39-40, Hangar D) is a first-time exhibitor at Sun ’n‘ Fun 2018. The company brought with it an AL250 FAA-certified advanced aviation-training device (AATD) and is providing demo "flights" in the unit at its booth during the show.

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Alsim simulators conquer the world (article available in French & English)

January 2018 Aerobuzz

Alsim now exports flight simulators all over the world. It set up an office in the USA in May 2017 and the company has just signed a partnership agreement with a Chinese supplier. Alsim is the sometimes turbulent story of a small business from Nantes where you can meet artisans with a passion for aviation and training.

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November 2017 Pilot

Two of the final courses to complete before applying for an airline job are Jet Orientation and Multi Crew Cooperation. Pilot visits CRM Aviation Europe's White Waltharn facility to see how training is delivered - by Philip Whiteman

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The New Generation

October 2017 Asian Aviation

Asia looks to ramp up training to head off predicted pilot shortage. Currently, all the forecasts about the future of Asian aviation are exceptional, except for one -the forecast that Asia will need 253,000 new pilots between now and 2036. Simply put, there are not enough currently being trained to fill all those cockpit seats as contributor Michael Doran explains.

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Aeronav's Alsim ALX Simulator

October 2017 SA Flyer

Alsim has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified FNPT II, FNPT II MCC and AATD flight simulators since 1994. One of their most recent installations was an Alsim ALX for Aeronav Academy based at Lanseria.

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