Tuesday, Apr 20th 2021 – Le Loroux-Bottereau, France

ALSIM is thrilled to announce the sale of an AL42 Flight Simulator to Charter Group Aero, in Malaysia.

We choose Alsim SAS to provide this simulator after comparing many other similar devices for the purpose. We are excited and proud to take delivery of this high-quality simulator which will be the first one in Kuala Lumpur to provide such advanced training.
Calvin Lau

It will be used to provide advanced Multi-Engine and Instrument flight training in Diamond DA 42 aircraft. The training on this Alsim AL42 simulator is primarily intended for Private and newly qualified Commercial pilots in Malaysia, Singapore Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines who wish to undertake Multi Engine and Instrument rating training. Pilots from other worldwide locations can also avail themselves for Multi engine and DA42 specific type training, using this Simulator, as it is Internationally qualified as a Level 5 Flight Training Device.

A further segment of pilots that are targeted for use of this Training Device are DA42/62 owner pilots in the region, who wish to undertake Initial or Recurrent training. All training is conducted by highly qualified professional Instructors with Airline flying experience, using specially formulated training syllabus with emphasis on real World IFR flying.

The FTD features Garmin 1000 NXi suite of Avionics with Alsim’s highly-developed VFR-VS High-definition visual system and models for major airports in Malaysia and Australia while other airports from a Worldwide Data Base of airports will be available for familiarization and training.

Passionate aviators behind this project

Owners of Mirus, an independent aircraft seats manufacturer based in Norfolk, U.K., Calvin Lau and his brother, William, are active and experienced licensed private pilots for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Calvin and William are passionate Private pilots who engage in daily flights on their private Airbus AS350 and Robinson R66 Helicopters. Calvin also flies Cessna 172s and is working towards Multi and Instrument Rating qualifications.

Calvin Lau said: “We choose Alsim SAS to provide this simulator after comparing many other similar devices for the purpose. We are excited and proud to take delivery of this high-quality simulator which will be the first one in Kuala Lumpur to provide such advanced training.”

With his firm conviction that high quality and realistic training in IFR is key to safe and competent flight operations, the owner has appointed a team of highly experienced airline pilots, led by Captain Siva Raman, to create a progressive syllabus of flight training. Captain Siva is a highly experienced Airline Pilot and Instructor who has clocked more than 35,000 flying hours in more than ten different types of Airline Jet and Turboprop aircraft including Boeing 747, 777 and 787 Dreamliner aircraft. He has also flown and instructed on more than fifty types of single and multi-engine General Aviation and Light Sport aircraft, and has sent more than five hundred pilots on their First Solo flights. He has trained pilots from all parts of the World ranging from China, Japan, India, Russia and the USA as a Commercial Flight Simulator Instructor.

Captain Siva stated: “This simulator will be made available to pilots who wish to equip themselves with skills provided by a comprehensive and professional flight training environment relating to 21st Century Aviation.”

“This is a great pleasure for ALSIM to welcome Charter Group Aero among our customers. We are looking forward to installing the simulator before this summer and to starting a fruitful cooperation between our two companies.” added Audrey Jeffroy, Alsim Sales Director.

About Charter Group Aero and Mirus

Lavin Group
Lavin Group is an investment holding company owned by the Lau Brothers, Calvin Lau and his brother William Lau. The business interest of Lavin Group ranges from Oil & Gas, Aviation, Real Estate & Properties, Palm Oil plantations and its related business in Malaysia.

Charter Group Aero (CGA)
CGA is an aerospace company within the stable of businesses held by Lavin Group.

Calvin and William are both active and experienced licensed private pilots for both helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts.

CGA is a promoter for premium air service provider, catering to both the needs of the commercial sector and the leisure market. It operates a fleet of modern helicopters providing safe and flexible air travel. It is manned by experienced pilots and management staff.

CGA lays heavy emphasis on the safety and the security of its helicopters. Their rotor-wing aircrafts are maintained regularly by established and certified aircraft maintenance organizations.

CGA intends to offer flight simulator training for pilots with partners in the region. It has recently acquired an AL42 Flight Simulator which provides Multi-engine and Instrument flight training for pilots in the Asean region as well as for other countries.

Among the services provided by CGA are: VVIP & Corporate Chartered flights, aerial photography and surveys for pipeline inspection, forestry and plantations, outdoor events like marriage proposals & weddings, joyrides, city tours & movies shooting and medical evacuation for both land and sea.

CGA is also involved in emergency and disaster relief. As part of its free services to the community in December last year, CGA has flown many relief missions to supply outlying villages in Pahang with food, medical supplies and necessities as many areas were inundated with flood and were inaccessible by road.

Mirus Aircraft Seating Ltd
Mirus is an independent aircraft seats manufacturer based in Norfolk, United Kingdom. It is common shareholder for Lavin Group, owned by the Calvin Lau.

Mirus combines industrial design technology with automotive production processes to make light-weight and sturdy seats. It is committed to deliver innovative, high performance products to redefine aircraft seating. Among its various aviation products is the Mirus Hawk seats which are installed on Air Asia and TUI aircrafts worldwide.

Mirus is also being appointed as an Airbus Approved Supplier.

Mirus strategic vision is to be a major player and provider for global aircraft seatings and interiors.  It foresees that the light-weighted seats for aircraft as well as certain interior parts of an aircraft are a rapidly growing industry for the next two decades.

Currently, the strategic intent of Mirus for the next few years is to develop a manufacturing and production capacity in Malaysia.