How Alsim can help you with your PBN/LPV Training

Offer training for PBN/LPV

Be a leader on the market by offering PBN with LPV training with your simulator.

ALSIM simulators allow you to train all PBN APCH procedures and associated features required for your course to be approved:

  • PBN APCH down to LPV minima
  • LPV approach downgrade to LNAV
  • GPS signal loss of integrity
  • RAIM (Poor coverage, position warning, raim not available)

Be ready for tomorrow

PBN/LPV will become mandatory by 2020 for all instrument rating training (EASA requirement). IR holders who want to fly PBN procedures will have to hold PBN privileges from 25 august 2018, meaning that even if the PBN will not be mandatory in the IR before 2020, the students who will have not received PBN training before august 2018 will not have the privilege to fly PBN approaches which is of importance for ATOs even today, as it means their student will have a “restricted” IR.

We at ALSIM began implementing LPV training capability into our simulators 3 years ago. Today every training organisation using an ALSIM device can profit from these efforts.

Be a leader on the market by offering PBN/LPV training with your simulator!

LPV / EGNOS Functionalities

About LPV

An increasing number of European regional, business and general aviation operators are equipping their aircraft with EGNOS-enabled avionics, allowing them to take advantage of already published procedures. Furthermore, with the advent of Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/539 of April 6th 2016, which will make EGNOS approach procedures mandatory for instrument rating courses by 2020, localiser performance with vertical guidance (LPV) is on track to become a widely deployed procedure.

EGNOS LPV 200 delivers accurate information on an aircraft approach to a runway with the use of GNSS positioning. An aircraft using EGNOS LPV 200 can make a final approach without visual contact until 200 feet above the runway. The free-to-use LPV-200 represents a key milestone in the development of EGNOS. Click here to learn more about EGNOS, and here to read how LPV capability boosts avionic simulators sales.

Key facts & LPV-Ready sims

  • 228 airports across EU with EGNOS based procedures
  • 424 EGNOS based procedures operational in European airports
  • LNAV – Lateral Navigation
  • LPV – Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance

LPV Mandatory before 2020

Ready for tomorrow?