ALX for the MPL Program

Simulation features & Fidelity levels

ALX Benefits

  • Scalable device to fit and grow with customer demands
  • Modular set-up of device and its components
  • Easy maintenance for minimal downtimes
  • Covers up to 4 different aircraft types and 10 different flight models
  • Advanced visual system
  • High degree of realism (visual and physical feedback)
  • Support for customers to set up an efficient training program

Learn how you can operate the ALX in an MPL training course. The MPL program relies on 4 core phases, 3 of which can be done in ALSIM’s ALX.

The ALX perfectly complies with phases 1 and 2, whereas most of phase 3 can be transferred to an extended phase 2 thanks to the ALX specifications.
More informations on MPL here.

MPL requirements

Four fidelity levels, split in three categories:

Aircraft simulation:

  • Cockpit layout & structure
  • Flight model (aero & engine)
  • Ground handling
  • Aircraft systems
  • Flight controls and forces

Cueing simulation:

  • Sound cue
  • Visual cue
  • Motion cue

Environment simulation:

  • Environment – Navigation
  • Environment – Weather
  • Environment – Airports & terrain

The ALX compliancy

The matrix below shows that the ALX complies with phases 1 & 2 requirements and most of the features required for phase 3. By using the ALX, you can extend phase 2, minimizing phase 3, saving the time and the investment of doing the complete phase 3 in a Full Flight Simulator.

Hours in the ALX

In other words

In the MPL program, it is safe to say that Phases 1 and 4 are well defined. However, Phases 2 and 3 remain flexible. Aeronautx and Fly Niki designed a MPL syllabus which takes advantage of the ALX’s capacities in the jet environment.

First ALX simulator in Austria for Aeronautx

"We operate a small and high quality FTO in Central Europe. To start our MPL program for Fly Niki we needed a training device to prepare our students for A320 and E190 airplanes. After an extensive evaluation and search, we acquired an ALX for the simple fact that this is the only available unit wolrdwide that offers a brilliant training environment for basic IR to MCC, without any compromises on any level of training. Next to MPL, the ALX will offer us the best also for traditional training scheme."

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Joerg Oberhofer


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