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ALSIM regularly innovates and the company invests a lot in R&D. Discover here all the features you can have with your simulator and how you can optimize the use of your device:

  • High Definition Visual System
  • Instructor Station
  • ALX for the MPL Program
  • LPV decision altitude
  • Alsim Engineering Pack
  • Alsim Avionics

High Definition Visual System (HDVS)

The standard panoramic visual system consists of a circular screen,
3 projectors and image distortion software. We also provide a detailed airport environment for your home base including ramp, hangar and other facilities for more realism.

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Instructor Station

It is a valuable complement to the flight trainer and an indispensable assistant for the instructor. As the software interface is so easy to use, the instructor doesn’t need computer skills to provide excellent training.

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ALX for the MPL Program

Learn how you can operate the ALX in an MPL training course. The MPL program relies on 4 core phases, 3 of which can be done in ALSIM’s ALX.

The ALX perfectly complies with phases 1 and 2, whereas most of the phase 3 can be transferred to an extended phase 2 thanks to the ALX specifications.

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LPV enabled

The LPV project in cooperation with the GSA is coming to an end. The objective to develop LPV for AL42, ALX, GTN & FMS is moving forward quickly and both G1000-DA42 and ALX-GTN650 are now 100% complete and available for retrofit.

  • LNAV/VNAV, LNAV and LPV procedures guidance
  • RAIM & other failures to meet IFR training needs
  • DH to ILS CAT I equivalent on GNSS airfields
  • Procedure turns and holding pattern guidance
  • GNSS localizer & glideslope precision as on ILS

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Alsim Engineering Pack

The right software with your AL250 simulator, developed by Alsim.

The interface is made of 2 main parts:

  1. A network interface that allows Matlab to send and receive realtime data from the simulator
  2. A user interface inside Matlab, which consists of functions and variables which may be used inside Matlab scripts, or blocks which may be accessed within Simulink. Each simulation variable inside or software is identified and accessed by a name. Thus, Matlab variables are connected to the simulators by using their names. It is then possible to read and write values directly from the simulation software running on the simulator. This kind of low level interface gives the user the ability to interact with the simulator software and hardware, and to develop any kind of aircraft simulation part (from a system to a complete flight model).

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Alsim Avionics

The ALSIM GPS is inspired by the well known and popular general aviation avionic found in various light aircraft. It features a high resolution of 640×480 pixels in a 5.7-inch screen (140ppi). It allows to efficiently train students the management of modern NAV/COM/GPS integrated avionic during VFR and IFR flights. The first release will offer basic but essential functionalities such as flight planning (SIDs, STARs, approaches, routes), NAV/COM management and PBN operations (RNP APCH with LNAV/VNAV and LPV).

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